Custom Solutions for EV Charging

Increased electric vehicle (EV) adoption requires reliable and robust charging infrastructure. Our cellular modules, data plans and ODM services provide a secure connection to central management systems.

An electric vehicle charging at an EV charging station powered by solar panels.

Reliable, Scalable and Secure for Critical Applications

An EV is parked on the street by an EV charging point. The charge point shows that the vehicle is almost fully charged.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Cellular connectivity enables real-time monitoring of the EV charging infrastructure. Charge point operators (CPOs) can diagnose and resolve issues remotely.

Benefits of remote monitoring and maintenance include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Fewer on-site maintenance visits
  • Ensuring reliability
Connectivity for EV Charging Connectivity for EV Charging
A person making a credit card payment at an EV charging station.

Secure Payment Handling

EV charging stations must remain connected, even in underground parking lots. Secure cellular modules enable reliable cellular connections to handle payments quickly and safely.

Drivers expect EV charging stations to be:

  • Fully operational and available in real time
  • Able to accept payments easily and immediately
  • Well maintained and conveniently located
Modules for EV Charging Modules for EV Charging
A graph that shows all the things that a smart grid will power, from solar panels to EV charging stations.

Efficient Energy Management

EV charging stations are heavy electricity consumers. If not integrated into the wider smart grid, they can cause excess strain on energy infrastructure.

EV charging stations are integral to two critical services:

  • A sustainable transport infrastructure
  • A highly tuned smart grid
Smart Grids for EVs Smart Grids for EVs

EV Charging Solution Building Blocks

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Module and Connectivity Bundles

Sourcing your modules and data plans from one trusted provider is much less risky than managing multiple providers. The benefits of bundling modules and data plans include:

  • Saving space in your design
  • Only speaking with one company when there’s an issue
  • Improve your system’s performance
  • Increase efficiency and get to market faster

Read our blog to learn more.

The Importance of Future-Proof Technologies for EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charge point service-level agreements (SLAs) demand a reliable, secure connection with high availability.

  • Over time, the industry anticipates:
  • Increased connectivity
  • Higher real-time data volumes
  • More detailed analytics

A robust cellular connectivity infrastructure helps EV charging companies win contracts and mitigate the penalty risks from falling short of SLAs.

We offer a complete future-proof connectivity solution from inception throughout the entire life cycle for your specific use case. We provide the most up-to-date network technologies, including:

  • 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Cat M and NB-IoT
  • Multi-IMSI
  • eUICC
  • Embedded connectivity

Superior Service Advantage with Always-On Connectivity

Even a small delay in EV charging can result in significant downtime and revenue loss over a year or more. In addition, these delays can accumulate and cause frustrating queues. Waits can result in customers choosing alternative providers.

Selecting the right vendor with reliable, secure solutions impacts the bottom line and strengthens the brand reputation. Customers will migrate to competitors with faster services if a charge point is temperamental or slow.

NExT™, Powered by Telit Cinterion

The NExT network provides reliable, managed global connectivity for your application. This native, mobile core IoT network provides access to more than 600 networks in over 200 countries. It enables enhanced connectivity solutions at any stage for fast service rollout.

NExT network logo.

Universal SIM Solution

EV charging stations are designed for deployment in multiple countries. They must be dependable across numerous mobile network operators (MNOs).

We offer a single SIM with global coverage that supports all cellular technologies with competitive pricing. This solution empowers you with simplified design, logistics and management from one pane of glass.


Connectivity Management Tools for EV Charging Stations

NExTPro™, powered by Telit Cinterion, provides complete visibility and control to manage and analyze all connections from one dashboard.

Analyzing your SIMs enables you to manage your expenses. In addition, OPTIMUS, powered by Telit Cinterion, automatically assigns each SIM to the most cost-efficient plan. This smart billing tool applies the assignment at the end of the billing cycle.

OPTIMUS, powered by Telit Cinterion.

Connect EV Charging Back-Office Functions with Cellular Modules

Wireless technology has become essential for EV charging. A reliable communication infrastructure is crucial to deliver vital data and ensure that charge points and grids run smoothly.

Industrial-grade modules provide radio access technology to connect charging infrastructure. They can connect to a wide-area network or use a local network.

Two main factors decide the best choice for cellular connectivity technology:

  • Required data rate
  • Cellular network availability

Telit Cinterion modules address frequency bands (including 450 MHz) for any EV charging equipment deployed worldwide. They enable seamless, secure connections to back-office functions, including:

  • Remote monitoring​
  • Payment management​
  • Grid management

We offer regional variants and global modules to ensure the perfect fit for your application.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Modules

EV charge points need secure, industrial-grade connectivity, even in residential settings. This need is true for cellular and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology.​

Our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology modules can operate as the client and access point. They support WPA3 encryption and stand-alone operation with integrated processing. These capabilities make it easy to create a local charge point network. ​

Furthermore, Bluetooth Low Energy technology can communicate directly to a user’s smartphone for local authorization.

Smart Modules for EV Charging

Our smart modules with Android™ combine processing power and communication to handle all EV charge point electronics. They reduce time to market and design complexity.

In addition, smart modules offer essential building blocks for a feature-rich charging station, including: ​

  • Touch screen support​
  • Peripheral interfaces​
  • LTE Cat 4 and Wi-Fi​

Smart modules offer high-performance application edge processing for Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) handling. They deliver graphical processing power for feature-rich content displays. In addition, they provide interfaces for cameras and sensors to boost next-generation smart IoT.

Smart modules leverage Android for flexible, streamlined application development. Moreover, they provide access to the largest software ecosystem for enhanced innovation.

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