Connectivity for EV Charging Stations

Customized electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) cellular connections ensure service even in remote locations. Adapting to environmental factors over time to ensure consistent quality of service is essential.

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Overcoming IoT Challenges for EV Charging

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Robust Connectivity Service for EVSE

A key success factor for EVSE is maintaining a stable connection. Cellular connectivity relies on a robust network connection. Any disruption to the network means downtime for the charging infrastructure. Connectivity issues can result in lost revenue for charge point operators (CPOs) and inconvenience for EV drivers.

The Necessity of IoT Connectivity The Necessity of IoT Connectivity
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Future-Proof EV Charging Infrastructure

A robust connectivity infrastructure reduces the risk of failure to meet SLAs. Reliable connectivity is essential for future-proof charging infrastructure.

The industry anticipates increased connectivity, higher volumes of real-time data and more sophisticated analytics. Establishing high-quality, dependable connectivity from the outset is the best defense against an unpredictable future.

Stay Connected Stay Connected
A futuristic interface for an electric vehicle charging station with digital displays and icons, including battery status, payment options, and electric vehicle symbols.

Ensure Resilience and Business Continuity

Advanced connectivity services can achieve business continuity across events like outages. We ensure that with our SIM technology (i.e., multi-IMSI, eUICC and RSP), you get optimized coverage and backup for mission-critical use cases. In addition, having the flexibility to install an alternative profile is one of the most effective ways to achieve resilience.

Connectivity Solutions at Scale Connectivity Solutions at Scale
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Global Flexibility with eSIMs for EV Charging

EV chargers are deployed in multiple countries, so they must be reliable across various network operators. Manufacturing with one eUICC eSIM solution offers simplified design and logistics. In addition, it provides unlimited choice in the best carrier services.

Unlocking Success with Flexible Connectivity Unlocking Success with Flexible Connectivity

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