IoT for Agriculture: Smart Farming Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart farming sensors, modules and software help inform decisions for productivity improvements. IoT-enabled smart farming leverages sensors and gateways to collect and analyze data.

IoT smart farming can help farmers improve yields.

IoT Applications for Agriculture

IoT agriculture solutions enable precision farming, which helps farmers optimize their operations.

Precision Farming

Fine-tune responsiveness to crop and livestock variabilities through real-time data gathering and connected devices. From soil conditions to water control, IoT agriculture solutions help farmers understand the enterprise’s operations. Optimize your processes and make your data work for sustainable growth.

Explore IoT for Precision Farming Explore IoT for Precision Farming
IoT-enabled agriculture solutions empowers farmers with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

Crops and Livestock

Oversee operations using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Optimize yields based on real-time monitoring and predictive data analytics. IoT devices support crop and livestock health by empowering farmers to act at the first sign of an issue and adjust care.

IoT-Enabled Crop and Livestock Solutions IoT-Enabled Crop and Livestock Solutions
Smart irrigation helps growers conserve natural resources with sustainable practices.

Smart Irrigation

Reduce water waste and improve yields through connected, sensor-based water monitoring and management. Sensor data and analytics help farmers manage irrigation to keep up with demand and conserve natural resources. Sustainable practices increase profitability and conserve water over time.

Explore IoT for Smart Irrigation Explore IoT for Smart Irrigation
IoT enablement for agriculture includes remote sensors that generate data in real time for monitoring crops and livestock.

Remote Sensing

Stay abreast of conditions across the entire farm with remote sensing technology and connected devices. Sensors generate real-time data to evaluate current practices and improve efficiency and effectiveness. Respond to inter- and intra-field variability and monitor crops and livestock with confidence.

IoT for Remote Sensing IoT for Remote Sensing

IoT Devices’ Role in Next-Generation Agriculture Systems

Customer Success Stories

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The IoT agriculture logo on a white background.

Empowering Precision Agriculture’s Digital Shift

Ynnova creates agritech solutions that empower farmers to gather harvesting data from their machines. The company chose us for our engineering guidance, modules and connectivity services to create the IOTBOX precision agriculture solution.

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Leveraging Cellular to Maximize Farming and Productivity and Yields

AMA Instruments developed InField to provide farmers field condition data (e.g., soil humidity and texture, etc.). AMA turned to us for cellular and GPS modules and embedded SIMs for a reduced bill of materials.

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Cellular-Enabled Hydrometeorological Monitoring in One Cellular-Enabled Device

SIAP+MICROS offers meteorological products for applications regardless of scale. It used Telit Cinterion’s cellular LPWA modules and IoT AppZone development environment for its nanoSUM data logger. Our solutions enabled SIAP+MICROS to cut costs and deployment time.

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A device with an attached ID card, designed for IoT smart farming.
A person holding a cell phone next to a solar-powered IoT weather station for smart farming.
NanoSUM power device by SIAP+MICROS.

More Information

Asset Tracking for IoT Smart Agriculture

With IoT-enabled asset tracking for smart farming, you can promote improved livestock health and keep track of equipment. Connected sensors in livestock wearables allow farmers to monitor vital signs and reproductive cycles. Improve animal health and reduce waste for optimal yields.

Discover how IoT-enabled asset tracking enables real-time data insights.

Make Smart Farming Smarter with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak with our agriculture IoT experts to get started on your IoT-enabled smart farming solution.

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