Cellular 4G LTE Modules

Elevate your cellular low-power or mobile broadband experience.

LE910Cx cellular 4G LTE module series

4G LTE Modules and Data Cards

Our portfolio of 4G LTE modules and data cards include:

Telit's LTE mid-range Category 1 and Category 4 cellular 4G LTE modules, available in Telit's flagship xE910 form factor family.

LTE Mid-Range Modules

LTE Cat 1 and Cat 4 are available in our flagship xE910 family. Based on our “design once, use anywhere” philosophy, they deliver they most comprehensive mid-range 4G radio access technology in the 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.2 mm family form factor. This approach ensures longevity and cost-efficiency for fixed and mobile applications, including:

The Telit LM960A18 mobile broadband data card paves the way for 5G.

Mobile Broadband Data Cards

We deliver cellular data cards that enable corporate connectivity solutions and pave the way to 5G. Our mobile broadband solutions feature high-bandwidth, industrial-grade form factors that:

  • Integrate easily with router and gateway OEMs
  • Streamline expansion with global certifications
  • Provide a wide range of development tools and drivers

The LM960A18 provides high-speed data rates via LTE-Advanced and a cellular connection for products in network appliance environments.

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Customer Success Story

A blue and white modern passenger train travels along a track with a blurred background.

Enhancing Passenger Rail Efficiency with 4G LTE

LEDATEL, a railway ICT system specialist, creates solutions to enhance passenger experiences and safety. The company leveraged our high-category LTE data cards to provide its Integrated Communication Module (ICM) with high-performance broadband.

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The telit circuiton microelectronics module.
LM960A18 LTE Cat 18 data card.
The telit ln20 is shown on top of a card.
The LTE module is displayed on a white background.
The telic lonex x with LTE module is shown on a white background.
The Telit U40 module is displayed on a white background, featuring PCI Express technology.
Telit LE910Cx cellular 4G LTE module series, a member of the xE910 module form factor family.
The Telit LTE1010 TX, a 4G LTE module, is displayed on a white background.
Telit's LTE Cat 1 bis microcontroller.
A gold-colored PCI card with a Micro-SD card slot for high performance.
A pci card with a micro-sd card, ideal for global connectivity.
The cinterion MTC module is displayed on a white background.
The cinterion MTC module is displayed against a white background.
ELS62 module
The telit citron module is shown on a white background.
A chip with the word telt criterion on it.
The telit left 4G LTE.

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4G LTE Module Variants

We offer 4G LTE modules that span a wide range of category variants and form factors to fit your needs, including:

Private LTE

The large number of connected devices is driving new requirements that traditional public cellular networks cannot address. Verticals exploring private cellular network solutions include:

Private networks enable these industries to deploy in secure, on-premises environments where public mobile networks are unavailable or not desired.

IoT Connectivity

We can build customized, ready-to-launch solutions with our IoT modules, connectivity and platforms. Get one-touch access to our global connectivity network for your deployment with our IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Our IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or geography. Gain scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

Cellular LTE Module Security

Our modules are hardened to cyberattacks by security native to the hardware. The IoT endpoint leverages the security benefits of a module secured and personalized at the time of manufacture. These modules are created with ID, credentials and SIM functions embedded in a trusted zone. The ID injected in the module at the point of manufacture is immutable and cannot be moved from one module to another. The ID is used for tracking and auditing modules across different systems. Its identity information is shared securely only through our IoT platform for device management.

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