Connected Module as a Service Packages

NExT™ Connected Module

Simplify IoT solution development with our flexible packages that combine modules, connectivity and management tools, starting at $0.89 per month. Our connectivity by design approach relieves complexity and addresses device deployment issues at every stage.

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NExT Connected Module Packages Can Transform Your Business

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NExT Connected Module packages provide commercial, operational and technical advantages, including access to flexible business models (e.g., operational and capital expenditures).

Bundling modules, connectivity and management tools ensures everything works together seamlessly. The complete solution is combined into one contract and bill. Challenges are resolved with one focal point for support and service.

Save with NExT Connected Module Packages

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Why NExT Connected Module?

NExT Connected Module offers a flexible business model to simplify your access to cellular connectivity. It provides an all-in-one package with monthly recurring costs.

With NExT Connected Module, you receive:

  • One price for the complete package
  • More attractive commercial terms (OpEx vs. CapEx)
  • One partner for service and support
  • One management platform for complete device and connectivity control
ME310G1-WW module.

LPWA Package

This package is suitable for verticals, including:

ELS62 module.

LTE Package

  • ELS62 module
  • SIM card
  • NExT global connectivity plan
  • NExTPro™ connectivity management portal
  • Device management

This package is suitable for verticals, including:

  • Telematics
  • Asset tracking
  • Smart buildings
  • Security and surveillance
  • Retail and payments
  • Connected health care

Ensure Your IoT Journey’s Success with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak with our experts to start your IoT project with our flexible connected module as a service packages.

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