Emergency Services and First Responder IoT Solutions

Communication is critical for disaster and crisis management. First responder communication devices are vital for relaying and recording details about emergencies.

The first responder cellular network enables critical communication for first responders during disasters and crises.

IoT First Responder Network Solutions

IoT first responder network applications must support Band 14 and commercial LTE bands to leverage mission-critical features like voice and push-to-talk.

Market Opportunities

First responders will have reliable coverage with access to Band 14 and commercial LTE bands for priority and preemption. They will need to leverage:

  • Push-to-talk
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Text
  • Video

Robust IoT modules and data cards are crucial for these solutions to support clear, fast communication during emergencies.

IoT-enabled first responder solutions need robust IoT modules and data cards.

Innovation and Design

The mobile network ecosystem has delivered business value to organizations for years. Developers can leverage private-sector technology and expertise to develop rugged IoT-enabled first responder applications.

To encourage innovation, AT&T announced that public safety personnel could sign up for the network at one of 5,300 U.S. retail stores.

IoT public safety devices must be rugged enough to withstand extreme temperatures and rough environments.

Ruggedness and Reliability

First responders often find themselves in rough environments. The best network availability can’t make up for device functionality issues. To prevent device failure, IoT device developers must ensure that first responder IoT devices are ruggedized to handle:

  • Wind
  • Water
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Rough treatment

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IoT first responder applications include devices like ruggedized tablets and laptops.

First Responder Applications

Applications for first responder IoT devices include:

OEMs and applications developers must design devices and select modules with emphasis on ruggedness and reliability.

How to Develop a Durable Connected Device

More Information

What is FirstNet and how is it used alongside IoT for first responders?

The first responder network (FirstNet) is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to first responders in the U.S., including:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMS

It provides emergency responders with a high-speed mobile broadband network for public safety. This network prioritizes first responder communication using a tiered strategy to ensure those responding to crises have uninterrupted communication. FirstNet was built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority).

A History of Public Safety Broadband in the U.S.

2001: After the 9/11 tragedy, it became clear that the U.S. needed to make changes to improve communication for public safety officials.

2010: The 9/11 Commission recommended the creation of a national public safety network. The FCC began developing a more reliable way for first responders to communicate in March 2010.

2012: The First Responder Network Authority was authorized to develop and oversee the first responder network in February 2012.

2017: Building out the first responder cellular network began in March 2017. This network leveraged 20 MHz of government spectrum in the 700 MHz band, Band 14. In December 2017, every U.S. state and territory opted in to using this mission-critical communication service.

2019: COVID-19 began its rapid spread worldwide. Even as the crisis continued in 2020, the first responder network kept emergency personnel connected without interruption.

2020: FirstNet expands its LTE coverage area, surpassing 2.61 million square miles in the U.S.

2021: FirstNet achieves significant milestones:

  • Upgrading the network core for 5G
  • Increasing coverage to more than 2.71 million miles
  • Connecting over two million devices

FirstNet also enabled local and state governments and health organizations to coordinate COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

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