IoT Case Studies: From Connections to Outcomes

Real-world stories of IoT implementations and solutions from across the globe.

IoT is the catalyst for business transformation, innovation and profitability. Managing business in a more connected enterprise requires the ability to track, monitor and control a limitless number of devices and machines companies own and operate. These are the stories of how they have transformed their businesses with the Internet of Things.

Case Studies
Accelerated - a Digi Company - Case Study

Accelerated: High-Performance Router Solution

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Acclaim Energy

Acclaim Energy: Optimizing Energy Consumption

Acclaim Energy Advisors Monitoring Real-Time Consumption Data Across Entire Power Grids Texas is blessed to have a free-standing and independent power grid as well as […]

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AMA Infield

AMA: Leveraging Cellular to Maximize Farming and Productivity and Yields

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Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Aquarius Spectrum: Providing Real-time Water Leak Alerts

Aquarius Spectrum Providing Real-Time Water Leak Alerts Working closely with Telit allowed us to be ahead of other competitive solutions. – Zeev Efrat, CEO Objectives […]

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Atomation Gateway

Atomation: Leveraging IoT to Make Legacy Equipment Smart

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Automile AB

Automile AB: Enabling the Connected Car

Automile AB Enabling the Connected Car Providing a proven IoT communication foundation and deep understanding of our business DNA has made Telit the provider of […]

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Aviwest - Broadband Video Streaming

Aviwest: Broadband Video Streaming

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Axentia Smart Public Transportation

Axentia: Making Public Transportation Easier

Axentia Making Public Transportation Easier and More Attractive With Telit’s products we can offer customers the best products with the feature set required for their […]

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BigBelly Solar: Transforming Trash Collection Operations

BigBelly Solar Transforming Public-Space Trash Collection Operations Objectives   BigBelly Solar is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for waste and recycling […]

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Bluewind: Improving Customer Experience

Bluewind Improving Customer Experience with Coffee in the Cloud We used the Telit GE865x GSM/CPRS module in the product design and tested it with the […]

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Boatrax: An IoT-enabled boat monitoring solution

Boatrax An IoT-enabled boat monitoring solution You can offset the cost of your house by utilizing its value in the sharing economy –  sign up […]

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Telit BSQ Partnership

BSQ: Connectivity for Fast, Secure, Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

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Buddi Emergency Support

Buddi: Emergency Support at the Touch of a Button

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Corintech: Wi-Fi Enabled Environmental Monitoring

Corintech Powering wifi-enabled environmental monitoring with Telit modules Telit Wi-Fi modules provide  a reliable, flexible core for  our Wi-Fi connected data logging product range. Telit’s […]

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Essence Smart Living

Essence: Enabling Smart Living Technologies

Essence Enabling Smart Living Technologies Telit’s support during the migration to the new 910 family was a major factor in the success of our solution. […]

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Smart Waste Management

Evreka: Smart Waste Management with AI and SaaS

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Eye-Seal: Sensible, Reliable, Low-Cost Monitoring Solution

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Gannet Guard Systems

Gannet: Leveraging GPS Trackers to Find 95% of Stolen Vehicles in Hours

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Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere: Making Oil & Gas Management More Efficient through IoT

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere Making Oil & Gas Management More Efficient through IoT We’ve been working with Telit because they provided us with the best technical […]

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IoTZA: Powering IoT-enabled smart building innovations with Telit

IoTZA: Powering IoT-enabled smart building innovations We are impressed by the robustness of Telit’s end-to-end solutions and extremely excited that it is enhancing our current […]

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Jooycar: An IoT-enabled solution for the usage-based insurance market

Jooycar Offering a new solution for the usage-based insurance market From the beginning, we wanted a provider that would allow us to start  small and […]

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Kron Smart Metering

Kron: Reducing Energy Costs with Smart Metering

Kron Medidores Putting Companies in Control of Energy Consumption The partnership with Telit has enabled Kron to accelerate time-to-market for the Konect service because the […]

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Telit Kumpan Electric Scooters Partnership

Kumpan Electric: The Road to Better Urban Transportation

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Lock8: Making Global Bike Sharing Possible with IoT

Lock8 Making Global Bike Sharing Possible Objectives   Until recently, the bicycle security market experienced very little technology innovation since the first bike lock was […]

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Condition Monitoring Solution

MC Machinery Systems: Transforming Service with IIoT

MC Machinery Systems Transforming Service with Cloud-Based Technology MC Remote 360-enabled machines with the Telit deviceWISE IoT Platform provide increased productivity, improved efficiency, and reduced […]

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MetaSail: High Seas Meet High Accuracy

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Mymemo Modular Pill Dispenser

Mymemo: Ensuring Seniors Take Medications on Time

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Nayax Vending Machines

Nayax: Cashless is Limitless if Done Flawless

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Nubo World’s first 4G/LTE security camera

Nubo: Building the world’s first 4G/LTE mobile monitoring camera

Nubo Building the world’s first 4G/LTE mobile monitoring camera They will become more mobile as crime and security issues are mobile, which will standardize onboard […]

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Telit OpticalLock Case Study

OpticalLock: Leveraging IoT to Prevent Valuable Cargo Theft and Counterfeiting

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ORBI 5G Football Helmet

ORBI: Leveraging 5G to Give You the View from the Player’s Perspective

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Franchisor of Nestlé® Toll House® Café by Chip® Concept Keeps Products Fresh with IoT

R9 Technology: Nestle Toll House Café Chips Concept Keep Products Fresh with IoT

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IoT solution cooking oil management

Restaurant Technologies: Changing Cooking Oil Management

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Telit Data Cards

Robustel: Providing Mobile Access to Remote Sensors

Robustel Going Cellular with a VPN Router Thanks to the global certified HE910-D module, our R3000 Industrial 3G VPN Router quickly passed different approvals such […]

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See.Sense: Creating Safer and Smarter Cities

See.Sense Creating safer and smarter cities with IoT-enabled cycling technology We gained a lot of features, as well as the ability to contain costs. We […]

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Siretta: Your Gateway to the LPWA Revolution

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Telit Case Study SXT Blunotte Cloud

SXT: Blunotte Cloud Intelligent Mechanical Ventilator

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telematics and fleet management

Telic: Asset Tracking for Harsh Environments

Telic Developing a Compact Tracking Device for Harsh Environments Telit has been the supplier of choice for Telic’s tracking units for several years. The high […]

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Tennant: Improving Fleet Management Services

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Terradona Cliiink Telit Case Study

Terradona Cliiink: IoT-Enabled Digital Rewards Encourage Consumers to Recycle

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Touchcom: Enabling Mobile Healthcare Solutions

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TrapMe Case Study

TrapMe: Rodent Trap for the Digital Age

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TT Electronics: Faster, Easier IoT Deployments with Telit’s Bluetooth Low Energy Module

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Natede - Laboratori Fabrici

Vitesy: Improving Indoor Air Quality with IoT Enabled Air Purifiers

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Wigersma and Sikkema

Wigersma and Sikkema: Enabling Quick and Reliable Connectivity Solutions for Gas Meters

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Wireless Innovation Cellubi Case Study

Wireless Innovation: Providing Utilities with Zero-Touch 2G-4G Migration

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Healthcare IoT Solution

Wisepill: Improving Medication Adherence with IoT

Wisepill Providing Instant Feedback with IoT-Enabled Pill Dispenser We appreciated Telit’s assistance and support in the certification of our product for a global market. – […]

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WM Systems Smart Utilities Metering

WM Systems: How Cellular AMR Helps Utilities Streamline Operations

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Zucchetti Centro Sistemi: Making Lawn Care Easier

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