Telit IoT Connectivity Management

Gain Complete Visibility and Granular Control from One Intuitive Dashboard

Whether your deployment includes 50 or hundreds of thousands of devices, managing those devices and connectivity from a single pane of glass is critical to your business success. Your devices’ mobile networks provide the smart functionality your devices need to maintain their connections under the most extreme conditions. As your deployment scales globally, you’ll need robust monitoring and management tools to streamline the complexity of each network connection that covers your devices’ areas of operation.

Telit's IoT connectivity management addresses your scaling IoT deployment’s unique requirements to connect, manage and integrate from one user-friendly dashboard. Telit’s connectivity management enhances productivity, operational performance, monitoring and business intelligence for all industries and markets worldwide.

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One Dashboard to Streamline Connectivity and Device Management

Picture how easy it would be to manage and monitor all your SIMs and connected devices from one intuitive interface. Telit's IoT connectivity management offers the industry’s highest, smartest and most complete control over your IoT devices no matter where they are.

Manage Your Entire Deployment from a Single Pane of Glass

Using the IoT connectivity management dashboard, you can gain total, unified visibility and control over all your IoT devices and their connections.

Streamline IoT Device Connectivity and Control

Telit's web-based connectivity management tools are easy to use and empower you with granular control over all your accounts, from one SIM to the whole IoT deployment.

Optimize Business Intelligence

One dashboard empowers you to view every device in your deployment in detail, activate and deactivate devices, analyze connection quality, view data usage and connection status, set optimal provisioning parameters, and much more.

Complete Visibility from One Device to Millions

Gain optimized visibility, security, connectivity, scalability and performance for your global, mission-critical deployments and free your staff from managing multiple carriers with end-to-end, module-to-cloud device and connectivity management from one interface.

Monitor and Analyze Service and Usage Data across Wireless Networks

No matter the size and scale of your IoT deployment, Telit's IoT connectivity management can help you enhance performance and improve end-user satisfaction with data overage mitigation and cost management optimization.

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Prevent roaming overages and avoid bill shock with smart billing by Telit OPTIMUS, which analyzes every device’s data usage and automatically assigns each SIM to the most cost-efficient plan and applies it at the end of the billing cycle.

Propel Your Global IoT Deployment to Success with One Connectivity Management Interface

Leveraging one dashboard to view every device in your global deployment, Telit's IoT connectivity management empowers you with the tools you need for success, such as troubleshooting and resolving problems faster and controlling your costs. The connectivity management dashboard also enables you to configure and manipulate device connections to guarantee that you can meet your business objectives and push out new customer services quickly and efficiently.

Connectivity management from Telit empowers you to monitor and manage your full worldwide IoT deployment through:

  • One intuitive, user-friendly web-based dashboard
  • Interfaces with real-time views and drill-down features
  • One place for managing inventory and device life cycle
  • Robust troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
  • Optimized capabilities for global positioning and location
  • Complete visibility and control with connectivity triggers and tools

Telit IoT Connectivity Management Demo

Featured Case Study

Buddi Ltd. creates wearable devices that provide around-the-clock emergency support to vulnerable populations. The company wanted to upgrade its devices to enable two-way voice communication between wearers and the call center. Buddi turned to Telit to help connect users with this vital emergency response so agents could speak with users when they needed assistance.