Leverage the Power of the Telit Partner Ecosystem
Accelerate time to market. Win more customers.

Whether you're a customer trying to find a partner to work with or a company looking to explore and join our partner ecosystem, our ever-expanding network of recognized IoT experts and innovators can help you get to market faster while reducing risk, cost and complexity.

Telit deviceWISE Ready Partners

Our thriving deviceWISE community centers on the deviceWISE Ready program. deviceWISE Ready promotes interoperability between devices from our business partners and the deviceWISE IoT Platform, thus reducing the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying complete end-to-end IoT solutions. Our comprehensive certification process assures customers that your products have been engineered and tested for simple, quick, and reliable integration with the deviceWISE IoT Platform and are fully supported and endorsed by Telit.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners supply enterprise-grade IoT devices, gateways, software and applications that are easy-to-integrate with the Telit's products and solutions. Industry partners help information-driven organizations quickly and efficiently assimilate data by utilizing their Telit-powered IoT deployments to create sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace, rather than focus on building IoT infrastructure.

Technology Partners

Over the years we’ve engaged with an ever-expanding network of technology partners recognized as IoT experts and innovators across a broad range of industries and applications. Our technology partners offer fully validated IoT solutions engineered for simple, quick and easy integration with the Telit IoT ecosystem resulting in reduced risk, complexity and cost as well as accelerated time-to-market.

Network Partners

Our partner network operators and telecoms organizations are leading developers and innovators in advanced wireless technologies. They offer instant access to wireless network services and are the critical link in enabling reliable connectivity between edge devices and back office systems. With our network partner relationships we’re able to offer pay-as-you-grow network services with guaranteed cost, greater visibility and control in your data-driven business transformation.

System Integrators

Telit system integrator partners streamline customer IoT deployments by providing easy-to-use hardware and software packages that work out-of-the-box. They offer value-added expertise to enable turnkey IoT deployments across a wide range of commercial markets and global industries, such as oil and gas, healthcare, agriculture, fleet management, asset tracking and more. Our system integrator partners are trained, certified and fully supported by Telit to assist you in developing and deploying best-in-class IoT solutions.