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The Benefits of Bundling Cellular Modules and Connectivity Solutions

September 18, 2023

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In most industries, sourcing from one vendor is more efficient and less risky than having multiple providers to manage. This principle holds for IoT, particularly when bundling connectivity with a cellular module.

As with security, applying a “connectivity by design” approach and anticipating challenges throughout an IoT journey is critical. Connectivity requires an end-to-end system approach. Bundling modules with connectivity solutions will optimize connectivity resilience and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Streamline Your Deployment
with NExT™ Connected Module
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A connectivity data plan with advanced remote SIM provisioning capabilities that combines and interacts with a cellular module will:

  • Avoid unnecessary complexity
  • Simplify supply chain management
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Facilitate field management
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Boost revenue

6 Reasons to Bundle Cellular Modules and Connectivity Solutions

There are multiple reasons why bundling connectivity with a cellular module will streamline your IoT deployment. Here are six examples of what can be achieved:

1. Module Size Constraints 

An obvious benefit is the impact on device size. By integrating the SIM inside the module, businesses will save room in their design, which might be crucial for certain devices. For example, bundling can circumvent size constraints for compact water and gas smart meters or small wearable equipment.

2. Solve Your Problem with One Unique Interface

When a device in the field has a connectivity problem (e.g., it fails to connect to the network), the company often speaks with multiple parties. No one is willing to take accountability, whether the operator, remote SIM provider or cellular modem provider. However, bundling makes a single entity responsible and obligated to aid the customer seeking support.

3. Optimize Connectivity Efficiency and Resilience

Bundling will improve a system’s overall performance. For example, a company using a battery-operated device can save power by operating on the network with the best signal strength. Bundles with cellular modules, remote SIM provisioning and eSIM-based connectivity plans enable network performance monitoring wherever the device is deployed. They can also provide the ability to switch to the best network profile when necessary.

These capabilities ensure that the device operates in the most battery-optimal conditions. A similar approach can be used to manage and overcome connectivity outages.

4. Future-Proof Your Device

Cellular technology is complex and evolves fast. Cellular module makers are at the forefront of technology evolution. They will help you select the right cellular technology and data plan from your application’s inception, focusing on your use case.

For instance, you will need guidance through the cellular certification process. Still, suppliers proposing a data plan or module makers sometimes won’t specify these certifications. When bundling, the provider offers a full package and will inform the customer of proper certifications for the network.

5. Get Ready for the iSIM Revolution

The time of integrated SIMs (iSIMs), when the SIM will be integrated at the chipset level, is imminent. Soon, the cellular module will have an iSIM as the default solution. Companies should start preparing now to be ready for the iSIM transition.

iSIM will be in the cellular module by default. The cellular module supplier will be your main interface to help you activate and manage the iSIM for the lifetime of your device.

6. Access to Flexible Business Models

Offering cellular modules and connectivity together opens the door to many business models, including hardware as a service, that match your financial model (e.g., operating or capital expenditure). You decide what model is the best for your enterprise.

The Consequences of Not Bundling 

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The IoT ecosystem and landscape are constantly evolving. Businesses must find a qualified partner to help them plan to overcome future IoT device challenges. Relying on multiple suppliers can be chaotic. Each one will want to zoom in on their expertise without considering the IoT deployment holistically.

Without bundling connectivity and cellular modules through one end-to-end solution, enterprises will perform time-consuming interoperability testing. Lost time is lost revenue. Speaking to 10 suppliers to solve one problem is less efficient than coordinating with one provider.

Bundle Cellular Modules and Connectivity Solutions with Telit Cinterion

Developing an IoT solution can be complicated and intimidating. Telit Cinterion can simplify and take the stress out of this process. Moreover, we empower customers to resolve issues throughout their device deployments from the application’s start to its last day of field operation. This approach is connectivity by design.

We are unique in the industry as we have mastered combining:

  • Remote SIM provisioning capabilities
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Cellular modules

Telit Cinterion is the only one in the position to give customers a solution to use and choose the most suitable cellular connectivity and modules for their applications.

Speak with our IoT experts to find the best-fit IoT connectivity and hardware bundle for your IoT application.