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What Is the Telit NExT Network?

The Telit NExT network is a state-of-the-art, cloud-native, mobile core network that enables new and enhanced turnkey connectivity and device management services, with access to over 600 2G, 3G, 4G and cellular LPWA networks in 190 countries.

This global, dedicated IoT network provides enterprises, IoT service providers and other users throughout the ecosystem seamless roaming coverage, services and solutions that enable flexible and reliable connectivity.

Telit NExT supplies the visibility and control you need over your international cellular IoT or mobile broadband deployment. From a single, user-friendly connectivity dashboard, you can operate, deliver and deploy your IoT devices.

With one contract and one simple bill, Telit NExT optimizes your costs no matter where your devices are, providing the manageability and scalability you need for your global IoT deployment.

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Get Scalable, Secure Connectivity with Telit NExT

Telit NExT eliminates the complexity and risk of managing an overlapping patchwork of mobile network operator (MNO) contracts by enabling global scalability, device connectivity management and security to guarantee your devices work seamlessly worldwide.


Scalable Global Connectivity

Telit NExT supports massive IoT deployments and simplifies large-scale device management when your local and regional deployments go global.

Any number of your devices — from many to millions — will work seamlessly and securely anywhere in the world. Our network empowers you with the end-to-end connection, management and add-on services your IoT deployments need, including:

  • End-to-end worldwide network operation across over 600 mobile carriers in 2G, 3G, 4G, cellular LPWA, and soon, 5G and next-generation IoT technology
  • Cellular LPWA support to ensure next-generation IoT devices can access the same high-grade connectivity
  • Multi-IMSI enablement for all devices with high-level automation tools to scale deployments that require remote IMSI selection to avoid MNO outages and bill shock wherever your devices are operating
  • Full geo-redundancy on-premises and backed up on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Increased reliability for mission-critical multi-network SIM solutions that provide optimized coverage to ensure service quality

Deploy Powerful, Intelligent Multi-IMSI SIM Technology

What is multi-IMSI?

Multi-IMSI enables you to improve device health and connectivity. This functionality empowers any device, leveraging high-level automation tools to scale deployments requiring remote IMSI selection.


Multiple IMSI profiles available on one SIM card

Telit Multi-IMSI

  • Multi-IMSI technology allows several IMSI profiles on a single SIM
  • Powerful multi-IMSI policy on the Telit NExT network for all customers
  • Primary IMSI per country policy based on coverage, service quality and cost optimization
  • Unique mission-critical support for MNO/IMSI sponsor outages and IMSI switch abilities
  • Eliminate bill shock wherever your devices are activated

Global Coverage



Telit NExT voice and data plans are available for the following technologies:

  • 4G LTE Category 1 and above, cellular LPWA
  • 5G coming soon

Availability varies across countries, regions and radio access network coverage.


Connect Your Products 

2G, 3G, 4G and Cellular LPWA (5G Soon)
Coverage in 190 Countries Worldwide

Telit NExT Mobile IoT Core Network Architecture


Telit NExT’s architecture leverages leading technology elements in cloud, security and geo-redundancy, overcoming massive IoT challenges with global solutions.

Benefits of the Telit NExT network include:

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

Telit NExT saves costs over the entire IoT deployment life cycle, with a faster time to market, enhanced troubleshooting for remote problem solving and tailored solutions for customer applications.

Global Coverage

Telit and partner SIMs provide an extensive footprint, reaching 190 countries and markets via Telit’s multi-carrier and roaming agreements and multi-IMSI solutions to overcome challenges in regulated countries.

Unique Solutions for Massive IoT

Telit simWISE™ cellular LPWA modules offer low-cost solutions to increase operational efficiency, support additional carriers and cellular LPWA scalability. Our award-winning software suite, Telit OneEdge™, reduces time to market by providing connectivity and device management, edge intelligence, embedded security, enterprise integration, and simplified onboarding.

Future-Proof and Ready to Scale with Ultra-Simple Connectivity and Device Management

Telit NExT is a robust, future-proof solution that’s scalable and tailored for your IoT deployment requirements, supporting all current and evolving technologies and completely prepared for large cellular LPWA deployments.

Security and Simplicity for IoT Deployments

The Telit NExT network offers a new infrastructure that meets higher standards, with improved monitoring and control and flexible, faster implementation of customizable VPN and APN access solutions.

Multidisciplinary 24/7 Support

Telit NExT offers real-time monitoring and support from our 24/7 customer service and operations center, along with complete visibility and improved troubleshooting.

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World’s Most Trusted Brands

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Case Study

Nayax is a leading provider of cashless payment devices for operators of vending machines, laundromats, car washes, kiosks, amusement rides and more across 55 countries. Nayax produces proprietary software and hardware to provide operators with a complete service, including SIM cards, connectivity, credit card clearing, marketing tools and software, for remotely managing unattended businesses. Nayax was looking for a proven cellular IoT provider to help it reduce costs while improving data communications across its vending network. Telit NExT gives Nayax control over all its devices and network interactions, including authentication, policy definition and enforcement, charging, billing, operation, and support.


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