Analyze and Visualize Machine Data with deviceWISE® VIEW

Learn how deviceWISE VIEW can help you analyze and visualize your machine data. Create custom dashboards and HMIs without writing custom code.

Present KPIs with Custom, Data-Driven Dashboards

deviceWISE VIEW demo screen example.

After collecting data, you can:

  • Calculate KPIs with deviceWISE VIEW’s visual edge logic engine
  • Use drag-and-drop widgets to create custom dashboards and HMIs to display on-premises or in the cloud
  • Visualize factory data to track patterns and trends and make smarter business decisions
  • Leverage a tool palette to present data in a way that suits your needs

More Information


deviceWISE SMART START app templates are available as part of deviceWISE VIEW. SMART START is preconfigured and customizable for each industrial application to enable your business’s digital transformation. This app monitors patterns to boost productivity and uptime for industrial enterprises.

Visit the Download Zone for the expanding SMART START application template library, including:

Universal Industrial Platform

deviceWISE VIEW provides full SCADA capabilities to the deviceWISE platform, the most advanced industrial IoT (IIoT) platform.

Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Collect real-time machine data using highperformance, devicespecific drivers available in the deviceWISE platform. deviceWISE VIEW transforms this data and calculates KPIs using its visual edge logic engine.

Bidirectional Control

Leverage bidirectional data and command exchanges between edge and control systems to enable real-time visualization and operator management.

Turn Any Screen into an HMI

Utilize drag-and-drop widgets in deviceWISE VIEW to build live, visually rich dashboards and HMIs. Display them locally on-premises or access them remotely in the cloud.

Role-Based Security Displays

Make only the data you want visible to those who need it by assigning roles for security.

No Custom Code Required

Visualize data using drag-and-drop widgets with the deviceWISE platform. It simplifies connecting your factory to the enterprise and value chain without custom code. Utilize your subject matter experts’ knowledge and efficiency rather than outsourcing development to those who don’t understand your business needs.

Transform Your Data and Business with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Collect, transform and visualize your data to make better business decisions with deviceWISE VIEW.

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