Smart Building IoT Solutions

Smart buildings are integral components in larger systems integrations (e.g., smart cities) that deliver greater benefits to a broader constituent base.


IoT Applications for Smart Buildings


Security and Surveillance

Prevent critical asset loss with real-time monitoring through secure and reliable remote surveillance. Live video and remote security features help facility managers safeguard people and buildings. IoT-enabled security and surveillance solutions provide greater efficiency and visibility from any location.

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Facilities Management

Optimize building systems to match occupancy patterns without compromising comfort. Connected IoT devices deliver around-the-clock monitoring and real-time data analytics. These solutions mitigate or prevent outages or shutdowns by enabling predictive maintenance.

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Home Automation

Enable homeowners to optimize systems (e.g., lighting and HVAC) to reduce consumption and save money. Smart devices can create more convenient, less costly living spaces. These capabilities enable revenue opportunities for homeowner service providers, such as warranties and insurance.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality with IoT Enabled Air Purifiers

Natede, created by Vitesy, used Telit’s IoT modules for their air purifier solution. Telit’s GS2200M module enables Natede with ultralow power and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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What Is a Smart Building?

Smart buildings are facilities that leverage connected technology and automation. Smart buildings enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) solutions monitor and evaluate processes and conditions. They empower facilities managers to mitigate energy waste and crimes, such as trespassing and vandalism.

Through sensors and remote capabilities, smart buildings can:

  • Provide greater convenience for facilities managers
  • Increase building occupants’ comfort and safety
  • Create higher energy efficiency
  • Reduce facility operating costs

How IoT Creates an Efficient Smart Building Ecosystem

Building owners and managers are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By leveraging data from connected devices, you can streamline and automate building management to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve occupancy services
  • Minimize a building’s impact on the environment

Telit’s IoT enablement solutions make it easy to optimize building systems with wireless modules, data orchestration platforms and an IoT cellular network.


Telit IoT Connectivity

Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with Telit IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Telit’s IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or stage. Get scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

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