secureWISE is a secure IoT platform for industrial control systems. It is the most secure way to remotely access, monitor and mediate equipment.

Improve Industrial Performance with Ultrasecure Remote Equipment Monitoring

A man in a suit is using a tablet in front of a machine while accessing the secureWISE Industrial IoT Security Platform.

secureWISE is a remote equipment monitoring and access system. This IIoT platform enables greater visibility into equipment uptime and utilization to improve health and functionality. secureWISE delivers secure, end-to-end remote connectivity to equipment over private networks. This visibility gives operators data to drive predictive analytics.

Maximize Equipment Uptime, Enhance Tool Performance

A man in a white lab coat is utilizing a computer to work on the secureWISE Industrial IoT Security Platform.

secureWISE centralizes IIoT connectivity across multiple machines and vendors. Machine builders and owners can access data and share select information in a secure, permissioned way. This role-based capability maximizes critical equipment uptime and tool performance. secureWISE enables toolmakers to maintain equipment remotely and mediate deployment based on real-time collaboration.

How an Industrial IoT Security Platform Improves Performance

Remotely monitoring equipment status allows equipment managers to:

  • Quickly intervene when issues arise
  • Proactively determine maintenance needs
  • Ensure equipment use is optimized with production needs

Remote maintenance allows experts to gain permissioned, secure remote access through one interface to all factory equipment. Enterprises can leverage the right maintenance resources wherever they are.

Chat features are beneficial in environments without telephones or with high noise levels. Using the multilanguage chat feature, a remote operator can copy and paste the command needed to troubleshoot a tool.

Secure connectivity is imperative for the enterprise network and everything it’s internally connected to. secureWISE offers a completely walled garden built into the serviceNET network, completely separated from the internet.

Neutral ground gives OEMs and fabrication plants access without allowing each other directly into their systems. The secureWISE server does all the admin work of user authorization management.

User-friendly security is critical to business efficiency and scaling ability. Users can leverage security features, including:

  • Scheduler server enterprise edition (SSEE)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Business management portal (BMP)

More Information

secureWISE for Semiconductors: Improve Performance and Protect Assets

Semiconductor OEM engineers can use secureWISE for secure, end-to-end remote tool connectivity. They can leverage tool data for monitoring, diagnostics and control. This IIoT platform uses multiple security barriers to prevent unauthorized data access. Machine builders and owners can monitor and improve equipment performance while protecting intellectual property.

Access through a hub-and-spoke private network ensures customer machine data is protected from internet-facing attacks.

Process engineers and managers can use secureWISE for on-demand connectivity to tool and process data and real-time collaboration in semiconductor fabrication plants.

A specialized security appliance at the customer site provides administrators with one interface to control and audit access to specific equipment as business needs dictate. Dashboards enable a 360-degree view of the tool-installed base, enhancing operational efficiency. Permissioned connectivity to tool and process data helps machine owners protect assets while improving process management and uptime and reducing equipment support costs.

secureWISE is industry-agnostic. It applies to any vertical handling information requiring protection (e.g., secret military information and patient records). Instead of blocking all access or allowing all access, secureWISE balances security among third parties requiring access, regardless of sector or industry.

secureWISE Scheduler Server Enterprise Edition

secureWISE Scheduler Server Enterprise Edition (SSEE) provides concurrent, unattended data transfers from multiple fabs. Scheduled tasks enable the secure transfer of files or folders based on a predetermined schedule. The secureWISE SSEE provides detailed activity reports to document data movement. You can control your big data across your entire enterprise.

Security and Reliability

  • Facilitate high-volume file and folder transfers from one or more locations
  • Schedule and define transfer tasks by type and criteria
  • Specify what files and folders are available for download or upload
  • Includes comprehensive reporting capabilities (e.g., activity, tool service status, etc.)

Benefits for OEMs

  • Collect log file data daily from all tools worldwide
  • Collect tool status information on a set schedule
  • Monitor user activity throughout the system
  • Upload antivirus definitions to remote tools

Benefits for Fabs

  • Programmatically move data from tools to a repository and erase the file(s) from the tools to prevent the tool disk from filling up and crashing the tool
  • Copy recipe files from the offline editing server to the active tools
  • Automatically copy process data from the secured tool to a repository

What Are SSEE, SSO and BMP?

Scheduler server enterprise edition (SSEE) allows users to schedule files to be delivered at a specific time or during a particular event instead of logging on and downloading the files. This scheduler automation feature facilitates data analytics and AI from gathered machine data.

Single sign-on (SSO) means that users only need to log in once and don’t have to log in again. As your business grows with more factories to connect to, SSO enables you to have a single set of credentials (i.e., user ID and password) valid across all sites. It can integrate with your company’s authentication system (e.g., an HR system). Users leaving the company can be made to lose access to the system. secureWISE offers securePASS as its SSO tool.

A business management portal (BMP) is an addable access platform for remote connectivity that shows what services employees are accessing, what customers they are connecting to and more.

secureWISE offers other layers of security, including multifactor authentication (MFA) and an OEM connector tool. MFA allows users to log in and receive a code for authentication. The OEM connector reverses the connection back to the factory.

Here’s how it works: A field support engineer in front of equipment at a hosting facility can use secureWISE’s connection back to the factory to order parts and troubleshoot securely.

How Reliable Is the secureWISE Server?

The secureWISE server is highly reliable, with an overall availability of 99.904% and a KPI of 98.5%. The secureWISE team provides regular updates to the secureWISE server — daily if necessary — to prevent cyberattacks.

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Award-Winning Industrial IoT Platform

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