How Health Care Benefits from IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing myriad benefits to health care and transforming patient care.


IoT Applications for Health Care


Remote Patient Monitoring

End-to-end medical IoT remote monitoring enables real-time actionable insights. With access to real-time patient data, medical providers can make smarter, faster decisions about treatment. Patients can extend their care with at-home services to reduce hospital costs.

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Medical Asset Tracking

Keep track of medical device location and functionality with IoT-enabled asset tracking. IoT-enabled asset tracking helps health care providers:

  • Extract real-time information
  • Replace inventory at the right time
  • Locate and identify missing items
  • Perform proactive replenishments for materials (e.g., personal protective equipment)
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Wellness Tracking Wearables

Help individuals gain improved control over their health outcomes with health and fitness monitoring smart wearables. Wearable devices enable remote vital sign and health statistic monitoring. This visibility provides valuable information to health care providers and helps patients make informed choices.

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Secure Data Collection

Protect patient data privacy while gathering and transmitting data at lightning-fast speeds. 5G enables faster large file transmissions between doctors and hospitals than legacy wired networks. That means health care providers can deliver more timely care, from diagnostics to treatment starts.

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Smart Health Care System Building Blocks

Ensuring Seniors Take Medications on Time

RGF Diagnostics leverages Telit’s IoT cellular modules, connectivity and platforms for their Mymemo pill dispenser. Telit’s IoT solutions enable Mymemo for use across multiple networks in the U.S. and European Union.

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Blunotte Cloud Intelligent Mechanical Ventilator

SXT needed Telit’s IoT connectivity, modules and platforms for their Blunotte Cloud automated CPAP ventilator solution. With Telit’s IoT enablement, Blunotte Cloud can use any operator’s network in Italy and other European countries.

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Cellular-Enabled Defibrillators Help Save Lives Worldwide

AMI Italia developed a portable defibrillator for use in public places that provides live, remote access to medical professionals. The defibrillator leverages Telit’s IoT connectivity and SIM cards for worldwide use. 

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Telit IoT Connectivity

Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with Telit IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Telit’s IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or stage. Get scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

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More Information

How 5G IoT Solutions Enable Public Health and Infectious Disease Prevention

Prepare for improved responsiveness to public health emergencies (e.g., COVID-19) and boost resilience to future events. 5G IoT solutions enable real-time monitoring and communications that keep health care professionals ready for emergencies.

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