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Simplifies product design with advanced and easy to use tools and APIs.

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Develop and run your application software in the IoT module. Shorten time to market while reducing design, testing and certification complexity. Remove extra CPU memory and storage components from your device’s bill of materials (BOM).

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Simplify Design, Optimize Implementation and Accelerate Innovation

Develop, test and manage applications, and run them inside the IoT module. Full integration with IoT services makes it easier to manage the full life cycle of your applications and software components.

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Focus on Your Value Add

The IoT AppZone optimizes your solution’s architecture to lower your BOM costs. IoT device developers usually employ a microcontroller to manage the module and other device peripherals.

AppZone eliminates the microcontroller, embedding application code in the module. It includes a comprehensive, high-level enablement functions so you can focus on your application software’s value-added features. You can create a proof of concept in record time with minimal investment.

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Lightweight, Fast and Efficient

AppZone IDE is the reference workbench and development tool for our products. It supports multiple programming environments available for various modules and technologies.

AppZone C is the flagship application framework for cellular products. It’s lightweight, runs on RTOS and delivers optimized performance. The framework includes a complete API set programmable in C language. It’s available across all cellular technologies and form factors.

IoT AppZone supports Python for our legacy modules.

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Out-of-the-Box Integration with IoT Cloud Services

Full integration with our services allows developers to build complete IoT systems and reduce time to market, enabling solutions with minimal effort. Since it is optimized for IoT, developers can:

  • Collect information from sensors
  • Send data securely to the cloud
  • Publish or interface with enterprise systems using an IoT platform agent and IoT Portal
  • Deploy and update firmware and applications over the air or remotely manage device parameters

What’s New in the IoT AppZone 5.0

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  • Better quality, achieved through refactoring and much higher automated test coverage
  • IDE will check for updated documentation and firmware plugins at startup, and sample apps are always updated: AppZone IDE checks latest changes from our remote git repository and suggests to update
  • IDE upgrades have been improved (i.e., new IoT modules can be supported without reinstalling the IDE)
  • Usage tracking for improved developer experience: If you give consensus to our anonymous tracking, we will analyze the data to produce a better developer experience
  • Available for the following products:
    • ME910C1/ML865C1
    • ME910G1/ME310G1/ML865G1
    • LE910C1-EUX/LE910C1-SAX/LE910C1-SVX/LE910C1-WWX (ThreadX Environment)
    • LE910Cx (Linux Environment)
    • WE310G4/WE310F5

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