Plug-and-Play IoT Gateway Solutions

Explore Telit Cinterion’s plug-and-play IoT connectivity solutions. Secure and simplify your IoT deployment for greater efficiency and faster time to market.

Telit Cinterion plug-and-play IoT gateways: The SGX31 IoT Gateway including cellular and GNSS antenna.

Focus on Software, Not Hardware Design

A Telit Cinterion gateway inside a server rack with network cables connected to a patch panel.

Accelerate Your IoT Deployment with Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

Building custom IoT solutions can be complex. It can take up to two years to develop the hardware, software and security and manage the certification process. IoT gateways enable faster time to market and ROI without costly approvals.

An IoT gateway monitoring a commercial beverage and snack refrigerator with a visible temperature control.

Solutions to Simplify Your IoT Development

Our IoT solutions simplify development complexity and accelerate time to market by up to 60% 

Telit Cinterion’s IoT gateway solutions provide fast and reliable cellular connectivity for new developers or small deployments. Our plug-and-play solutions connect industrial IoT applications with minimal integration effort and no additional approvals. 

IoT Gateways

X Clear Filter
Telit Cinterion EGX82 IoT Gateway
Telit Cinterion EGX82 IoT Gateway
Telit Cinterion SGX31 IoT Gateway
Telit Cinterion SGL81 IoT Gateway

More Information

Embedded Intelligence

Our IoT terminals and gateways offer embedded intelligence. They are programmable and can run a complete application independently. The data of interest is derived from primary industrial interfaces, such as:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • USB
  • Ethernet

Analog, SPI, I2C and GPIO interfaces can connect to peripheral components via a side expansion slot.

Efficient Industrial IoT Gateways

Our wireless IoT terminals and gateways are designed to receive commands from an external device. AT commands control these devices via RS232 or USB as the primary communication interface.

Convenient and Easy Internet Access

Our gateways provide host devices with convenient access to the internet via cellular connectivity.

Kick-Start Your IoT Development with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Discover how our plug-and-play IoT gateways can help you get to market faster.

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