Build your IoT solution efficiently with instant access to tools and resources to accelerate your IIoT deployment.

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Accelerate IoT Solution Deployment

deviceWISE CLOUD, powered by Telit Cinterion, is a cloud-based IoT subscription service. This solution accelerates industrial IoT (IIoT) deployments that aggregate:

Create and manage IoT solutions from one intuitive web interface with all the necessary tools and resources.

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Set It Up Any Way You Want

Configure your systems with complete flexibility:

  • Edge: Deploy edge data collection, edge logic and data visualization on-premises.
  • Cloud: Benefit from a pay-as-you-go subscription model.
  • Hybrid: Flexibility to blend both cloud and on-premises architecture for next-generation IIoT implementations.
  • AI: Enrich your applications with native AI tools.
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All Essential IoT Tools in One Interface

Industrial drivers: The most extensive drivers list on the market. Just pick the driver and collect native data from machines and sensors. These drivers allow your machines to “talk” to one another and connect the shop floor to the top floor.

Edge logic: Adding edge logic provides real-time data processing and efficient communications. Combine edge and cloud for complete logic control. Add edge logic, triggers, math and algorithms without spending time and money writing custom code.

Visualize: With deviceWISE VIEW, you can build dashboards, HMIs and rich web-based visualizations. Collect and visualize real-time machine data to analyze and interpret patterns and trends for data-based business decisions.

Digital twins: Automatically create digital twins to visualize your machines and sensor data in real time. Digital twins help you make predictions and simulate outcomes to detect problems faster and manufacture better products.

Alarms: Set cloud alarms and alerts to stay informed on what is happening to your devices. Using alarms will help you keep track of device performance and catch issues before they disrupt your process.

Remote access: Secure tunnel capabilities to provide remote machine data. Remote access allows you to monitor your machines in real time, run e-diagnostics and enable predictive maintenance.

Device management: Manage your devices, campaigns, firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates and more. Device management provides a complete picture of all your equipment. You can remotely monitor your machines in real time and troubleshoot detected issues.

Connectivity management: Manage your cellular connectivity to ensure cost and performance control. Connectivity plans and subscription services help avoid bill shock and ensure a sustainable, scalable connectivity ecosystem.

Create Your IoT Solution with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak with our IIoT experts to get started with a trial of deviceWISE CLOUD.

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