Cellular Modules for IoT and M2M Applications

Connect your devices to the world.

The Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of IoT Modules

We offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of secure, wireless cellular IoT modules.
Our certified modules can be used on their own or be combined into solutions.
They enable manufacturers to design and launch IoT devices in multiple markets and geographies worldwide.

Telit IoT cellular 5G modules and data cards enable bandwidth-intensive applications.

5G Modules

We offer cellular 5G data cards in the standard M.2 (NGFF) form factor featuring both sub-6 and mmWave technologies. Use cases include high-power fixed wireless access, enterprise routers and gateways, indoor and outdoor CPE, and professional broadcasting and surveillance.

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Telit IoT mobile broadband and 4G modules enable a plethora of solutions for verticals like telematics and asset tracking.

Mobile Broadband and 4G Modules

We provide cellular IoT modules with form factors to fit any project as part of our “design once, use anywhere” approach. You can design your solution once and drop in variants without redesigning. We offer cellular mini PCIe and M.2 (NGFF) network cards from LTE Cat 1 to Cat 18.

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Smart meters

Cellular LPWA Modules

Our LTE-M and NB-IoT (NB1 and NB2) module portfolio supports Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX). Device designs that take advantage of eDRX and PSM can minimize power usage and extend battery life.

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IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules enable connectivity for use cases such as medical IoT wearables.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Modules

Our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology modules enable seamless integration for IoT connectivity. See what low-energy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology (or a combination) can do by integrating our certified modules.

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Telit GNSS positioning and timing IoT modules deliver accurate location and timing for applications, including asset tracking, security and smart utilities.

Positioning Modules

For over 20 years, we have been creating certified, industry-leading timing and positioning IoT modules for mission-critical applications. They are available in various form factors and support all constellations.

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Telit IoT smart modules empower developers to create IoT devices more like consumer gadgets.

Smart Modules

Our IoT smart modules reinvent IoT application development. They enable consumer-style user experiences on IoT devices and ensure system integrity equal to embedded modules. With this combination, you can be confident that your solutions are protected.

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NExT™ Connected Module Packages

Bundling modules, connectivity and management tools from one vendor streamlines operations and minimizes risks for IoT deployments. Connectivity by design and an end-to-end approach to connectivity ensures your IoT journey’s success.

NExT Connected Module packages start at $0.89 per month. They provide flexible solutions, boosting resilience and cutting costs for all your deployment requirements.

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Design and Launch Cellular IoT Devices Worldwide

More Information

Cellular Certification Expertise

We provide certification services to help you reduce time to market by developing carrier relationships. We assist with module integration certification and carrier approvals.

IoT Connectivity

We can build customized, ready-to-launch solutions with our IoT modules, connectivity and platforms. Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with our IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Our IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or stage. Gain scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

Reduce Time to Market with Telit Cinterion’s IoT Modules

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak with our IoT experts to learn more about our modules and our development and evaluation kits.

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