SD-WAN Solutions for the Enterprise

Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs) are emerging as an alternative to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and other networks.

Secure Business Operations with Corporate Network Infrastructure

SD-WANs enable organizations to transmit business-critical data securely.

Transmit Data Securely

Corporate network infrastructure has grown to include connected computers and hardware that transmit and receive data. Data-driven organizations must ensure business-critical information and services are securely accessible.

SD-WANs use software to link an enterprise’s distributed physical locations and connected assets with its data center.

Corporate network and SD-WAN solutions enable secure, reliable connectivity and on-demand scalability.

Secure, Reliable Connectivity

  • Reliable access regardless of location
  • Access to cloud and corporate software as a service (SaaS) providers
  • Scalability on demand, quick to deploy
  • Access to connectivity channels, including public internet, cellular broadband, MPLS and 5G
  • Customizable enterprise bandwidth and connectivity
  • Multisystem policy definition and management, no need for single device configuration
Advancements in wireless broadband and 5G enable increased transmission speeds for corporate networks.

Broadband and 5G

Wired MPLS has been an enterprise networking workhorse. However, it is expensive and struggles to keep up with evolving, mission-critical cloud-based and SaaS applications. Wireless broadband advancements and 5G capabilities create new possibilities for increased transmission speeds. They improve transmission quality without the high cost of MPLS-based private networks.

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New Network Options

Private LTE ― dedicated wireless networks that can evolve to 5G ― provides enterprises expanded coverage and flexibility. These networks are appropriate for IoT applications in specific industries (e.g., manufacturing and mining). With 5G, these networks will have greater speed and transmission and provide more security and control.

Customer Success Story

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Meeting SMB Demand for SD-WAN-Based SASE Services’s BeBroadband™ as a service platform enables MNOs and other providers to create SD-WAN-based SASE services for SMBs cost-effectively. The company leveraged Telit Cinterion’s 4G and 5G products to develop this solution.

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More Information

Why SD-WAN over MPLS?

Enterprises have relied on MPLS to access mission-critical applications and business management systems in private data centers. However, the move to cloud-based systems and increased demand on network capacity are straining private enterprise networks. Private networks are becoming untenable due to escalating costs and slowness in implementing network upgrades.

SD-WANs present a promising alternative to private networks. They provide global enterprises with MPLS-grade, software-defined private networks that are implemented easily through local ISPs.

Organizations can take advantage of SD-WAN connectivity options and maintain control over their on-campus network. They can ensure that data flows where and when it is needed securely.

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