OneEdge is a secure software stack integrated with our IoT modules and cloud services. You can connect and manage edge device deployment at scale.

Connect and Manage the IoT Edge Like a Pro

Software and Managed Services for Evolved IoT

OneEdge helps you plug and play into the IoT edge.
Democratize the First Mile of IoT™ by simplifying IoT solution deployment and management.
This software shortens the IoT monetization path and maximizes IoT project success probability.
You can improve total cost of ownership by reducing operational efforts and costs.

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Get Through the First Mile with OneEdge

Your IoT Deployment Journey Begins with the First Mile

The First Mile of IoT consists of edge devices and their data. The First Mile is often overlooked and underestimated by IoT platform providers. We have over 20 years of experience in IoT and can help you traverse the First Mile. We offer resources and support throughout your IoT journey.

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Experience Success at the Edge

Plans for Your Needs and Scale

Entry: Keep devices updated with FOTA service.

Pro: Add edge configuration and parameter management, plus remotely troubleshoot IoT deployments. Pro includes advanced device and connectivity management tools in one stand-alone application.

Ultimate: Get first- and second-tier features, plus application data orchestration, enterprise integration, custom LwM2M object adding and cloud APIs.

OneEdge Solo

Private Instance Option for Additional Security and Control

The OneEdge Solo option is for enterprises and applications that require complete IoT service control. Designed for deployment on private or hybrid cloud and datacenters, Solo is ideal for:

5 Keys to Unlock Next-Generation Cellular IoT

  • Zero-touch onboarding
  • Remote provisioning and configuration
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Software updates
  • Define and build edge device logic
  • Speed deployment
  • Optimize behavior and resource usage
  • Set control logic remotely
  • Simplify edge life cycle management
  • Embedded, personalized security at the point of manufacture
  • Encrypted device-to-cloud communications
  • Server threat protection
  • Simplified service profile and self-care subscription design and management
  • Real-time diagnostics and controls for SIM and data plan monitoring and management
  • Integrates with third-party business systems
  • Delivers data to enterprise applications

More Information

OneEdge Features and Benefits

  • LwM2M 1.0 support 1.1 roadmap
  • Pre-integrated with major cloud services and enterprise solutions
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Comprehensive cloud APIs
  • Embedded SDK
  • Preprovisioned identity and keys
  • Low-code cloud workflow programming
  • Comprehensive connectivity and eUICC management
  • Faster time to market. Develop and deploy solutions rapidly using our edge-ready modules.
  • Greater efficiency. Automate tasks like device management and rate planning selection to streamline your workflow.
  • Seamless, secure integration. Ensure protection across your IoT ecosystem with embedded security features. Factory cybersecurity-hardened and preconfigured modules work together seamlessly.
  • Improved total cost of ownership (TCO). Reduce costly in-house development and operations and life cycle.

What Is the First Mile of IoT?

The edge is the First Mile of IoT. Success at the edge means collecting transporting and orchestrating edge data. Your IoT First Mile journey with OneEdge will let you seamlessly and securely gather and extract value from it.

  • Manage device and service life cycle from cradle to grave
  • Implement connectivity strategies to meet quality of service and cost targets
  • Leverage efficient technology and open standards conceived for IoT
  • Integrate the IoT solution across your enterprise

How OneEdge Works

OneEdge simplifies launching new IoT products or services that depend on cellular connectivity. Here’s what the journey looks like:

Step 1: Design a product system that includes cellular modules to enable global wireless connection for each device in the deployment.

Step 2: Design the application and its logic using tools and software components, including:

  • Clients based on industry-standard protocols
  • Secure foundations
  • Application frameworks
  • Connectivity management logic

Step 3: Subscribe to one of Telit’s flexible data plans and prepaid options, which are simple to monitor and manage.

Step 4: When integrating devices, consider how you want your devices managed and data captured and transformed. IoT platforms offer device management for large-scale deployments with devices operating at various transaction rates.

Step 5: Leverage OneEdge to seamlessly orchestrate data from each device with your existing enterprise business systems. OneEdge allows you to run analytics, produce real-time reports and more.

Step 6: OneEdge brings each cellular device online securely. We simplify your IoT deployment’s logistics to save you time and lower overall project costs.

5G Is in Our DNA

OneEdge is 5G-ready and supported on our 5G modules. 5G integrates 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT and increases network capacity while extending battery life for low-power devices. 5G makes scaling your IoT deployment easy. Compared to 4G, it supports 100 times the number of connected devices per unit area.

You will be ready to take advantage of every 5G benefit by incorporating OneEdge in every edge device. OneEdge gets you to market fast, enabling you to scale as needed and manage your devices with ease from one interface. OneEdge is the only IoT system with layered, built-in security. You can be sure your IoT solution will be fully protected throughout its life cycle.

Integrated SIM Advantages

OneEdge features embedded SIM technology that provides these benefits:

  • You can update your SIM to switch to another carrier easily. Never warehouse and manage physical SIMs again.
  • Experience reductions in footprints and manufacturing costs. With no SIM card tray, there’s no need to customize for regional applications.
  • Secure remote provisioning complies with GSMA specifications and boasts cryptographic-level security. You can safely change connectivity providers on individual devices or device fleets.

Modules, Connectivity Plans, Device Management

We handle the hardware, software, data orchestration and management services, so you can focus on system and app design.

OneEdge wireless modules are tested and network certified. They’re ready to connect to the cloud upon activation. Orchestrate data and manage devices and connectivity and integrate data into enterprise systems from one dashboard.

Ease migration from legacy cellular into cellular IoT, including Cat 1, Cat 4, LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G to solve challenges with new infrastructure and capabilities.

Case Studies

IoT Project Success Maximized with OneEdge

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A logo with the word OneEdge on it.

Managing Strained Wastewater Networks

Detectronic needed their devices to connect and transmit data to their cloud data portal at regular intervals. The company leveraged OneEdge and the ME910C1 module to manage devices and data from a single pane.

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Minimizing Air Pollution

TerOpta chose the OneEdge™ system, with its comprehensive features and minimal or no graphical coding approach, to enabled them to concentrate more of our effort on understanding and meeting customers’ needs, rather than committing too much internal resource onto non-core activities

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Leveraging IoT to Make Legacy Equipment Smart

Atomation sought to help plant engineering firms and electric companies enable digital transformation with IoT and edge computing. OneEdge and the ME910 module enabled Atomation with reduced development time and rapid product launch.

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OneEdge Awards

Iot innovator awards 2019 showcasing OneEdge technology.
Iot evolution product of the year 2019 powered by OneEdge.
A badge with the words "vcr research" and "embedding award" is available.
Iot evolution edge 2019 computing excellence.
Introducing the Computing technology product awards for 2019, featuring products powered by OneEdge.
OneEdge, the IoT evolution product of the year 2020.
OneEdge is the Industrial IoT product of the year 2020.
IoT evolution with OneEdge computing excellence in 2020.
A badge with the words 2020 IoT Innovator Awards for OneEdge.
Top product of the year 2020 powered by OneEdge technology.
2020 Computing technology product awards showcasing products utilizing OneEdge.

Reduce Time to Market with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak to our IoT experts and request a OneEdge evaluation kit.

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