From Wi-Fi 4/Bluetooth® Low Energy 5 to Wi-Fi 6/Bluetooth 5.2 Hosted or Stand-Alone IoT Modules

See what low-energy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology combination modules can do by integrating our line of fully certified modules.

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Ultralow Power, Easy to Integrate

Seamless IoT connectivity integration is our specialty. Organizations with limited Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology expertise don’t have time or resources to navigate various testing and certification requirements.

Our certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology modules provide faster development times and market availability. They are compliant with industry standards and global regulatory and industry certification requirements.

Telit's telios IoT modules offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless communication.

IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology Modules

Greater engineering efforts are required for achieving performance targets and adding multiple wireless technologies to the IoT device design, such as:

  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth technology
  • GNSS

Taking advantage of combination module features will save design and certification resources and reduce time to market while boosting customer satisfaction.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wireless Technology Features and Use Cases

IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology modules are suitable for market segments, including:

  • Single- and dual-band Wi-Fi with Bluetooth technology or Bluetooth Low Energy radio combination modules
  • Hosted or Standalone IoT Modules
  • Embedded customer application processor and development tools
  • Advanced security
  • Easy provisioning
  • Cloud provider ready
Certifications Support
Government regulations change often. Our certification services provide the support you need to get your product ready for certification the first time.

Secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology

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The telit cineron module is shown on a white background.


A chip with the word telt criterion on it.

SE250B4 Series

Telect's teflon teflon teflon teflon.


The telect wetter p is shown on a white background.


The Telit WE866E-P is displayed against a white background, featuring a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® transceiver.


Power More IoT Possibilities with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Speak with our IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology experts to discover how we can enable your IoT solution.

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