deviceWISE® AI for Industry 4.0

Discover how deviceWISE AI enhances industrial IoT with AI and machine learning for added value.

Factory digitalization: Two industrial engineers using a tablet computer and visualizing a wall of big data statistics.
Intelligent Industrial Automation Made Easy

Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence: The Transformative Impact of AI in Industrial IoT

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enhances product quality and minimizes inspection errors. It elevates the overall standard of manufactured goods, increasing customer satisfaction and providing manufacturers with a competitive edge.

deviceWISE AI empowers you with the following advantages:

  • No coding or complexity to obtain faster results
  • Establish a fully automated inspection process in mere minutes
  • Seamless integration with cameras, robots and PLCs
  • Enable automated responses within your IT systems

This streamlined efficiency saves time and curtails labor and equipment expenses.

The Next Generation of Industrial Visual Inspection

deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection stands alone in the enterprise arena. It seamlessly integrates any PLC camera and robot with IT systems. Harnessing the power of AI, it delivers unique visual inspection capabilities — all in one intuitive platform.

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Uninterrupted Excellence: How AI Powers 24/7 Quality Control in IIoT

AI Enhances Manufacturing Efficiency with Consistency, Reliability and Data-Driven Optimization

AI in an IIoT setting allows 24/7 operation without fatigue or mistakes during non-working hours. This continuous action ensures potential issues don’t go unnoticed and enhances overall quality control and adherence to industry standards.

Consistency in inspections is vital. AI-powered deviceWISE delivers reliable, uniform results. It maintains product quality and reduces variations in manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, deviceWISE AI collects and analyzes vast amounts of data. This information provides valuable insights for process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Robotic vision sensor camera system.
Evolving the Art of Inspection: AI Advancements in Industrial Quality Control

Innovating Precision Manufacturing with Deep Learning, Edge AI IIoT

No coding, data science expertise or prior experience required.

All you need to do is upload your images to deviceWISE AI Studio and use your mouse to mark the objects of interest. deviceWISE leverages neural networks to emulate human brain functionality, learning to identify objects, defects and anomalies.

Leveraging the advanced edge logic features of deviceWISE, you can:

  • Automate responses
  • Open tickets
  • Designate anomalies
  • Achieve complete product and process traceability

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How AI Improves IIoT Process


Enhancing no-code algorithms optimizes processes within an industrial environment. For example, improving energy consumption can save costs such as energy consumption to save costs and boost resource utilization.

Quality Control

Vision systems to inspect products for defects in real time. deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection can spot even minor defects human operators might miss to ensure high product quality.

Efficiency and Automation

Automate tasks that would otherwise require human intervention to increase efficiency. Robots and autonomous vehicles guided by AI handle repetitive and dangerous tasks in manufacturing environments.

Data Utilization

Industrial IoT generates enormous amounts of data. It can use AI to sift through it to extract valuable insights, patterns and correlations that enhance decision-making.

Decision-Making in Real Time

Processing data in real time provides actionable insights that enable operators and managers to make informed decisions rapidly.

Continuous Improvement

Building no- or low-code systems that learn and improve over time based on the data they analyze facilitates continuous optimization. This leads to process refinement for increased productivity and cost savings.

Enhance Industrial Processes with AI and Telit Cinterion

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