IoT Solutions for Smart Cities & Smart Transportation

Safer and more efficient cities start with smart technology

As the world’s population continues to grow, more cities are experiencing the challenges of accommodating an increase of residents and visitors. From congested roadways to increased emissions, these issues start to impact the health and well-being of each city’s residents. Telit’s smart cities and smart transportation IoT solutions enable government organizations and other community partners to create safer, more efficient cities by improving community resources and transportation for everyone.

IoT Applications for Smart Cities & Transportation

Traffic and Parking

Improve safety and reduce traffic congestion with connected vehicles and wireless parking solutions.


Make city streets safer while reducing power and maintenance costs with connected street lighting.

Waste and Water Management

Save time and money while reducing your environmental impact with smart waste and water management.

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Build Smarter Cities

Smart cities start with smarter infrastructure. Telit enables IoT solutions for smart cities and transportation that offer real-time visibility and accurate data, which allows organizations to improve efficiency while creating smarter, greener cities across the globe.

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