Telit IoT-Enabled Solutions for Smart Cities

Create smart cities with Telit’s IoT modules, connectivity plans,
software and platforms for your smart city solutions.

Partner with a proven IoT leader to build smarter cities with smarter infrastructure. Telit’s IoT wireless adapter modules, data plans, platforms and subscription services empower developers and solution providers to add 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and GNSS connectivity to connected city devices. Get secure, efficient IoT tools and services for your smart city transformation.
Solution architects, designers, integrators and providers leveraging Telit’s IoT solution can:
  • Ensure efficient data orchestration
    Use big data for better, more efficient connected city operations by collecting, transferring and processing vast amounts of data to drive improvements. They can also use this real-time data to monitor and prevent system failures and optimize resource usage.
  • Secure the entire data journey
    Security is central to all Telit components and services. Cyberattacks on city infrastructure can cause significant damage to a city and its people. Telit enables you to build security from the edge to the cloud to keep cities connected and safe.
  • Scale to meet continual IoT integration demands
    Using massive volumes of devices and sensors to monitor and control all city operations will expand as smart city adoption grows. Telit offers scalable, secure, low-power and low-cost IoT components and services to handle the deployment’s coverage expansion and functionality scope.
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