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Nayax: Cashless Is Limitless If Done Flawlessly

Always-open vending machines require always-up cellular connections.

“Telit ensures our customers receive the necessary data for operating their businesses, improving productivity at every stage of the process.”

Vending machines are useful because they’re always open – 24/7/365 without the need of a human operator. But keeping that status of being ‘always open’ in the age of the credit card and digital wallets requires robust cellular connections.

Nayax, leading global fintech company that provides cashless payment services and management platform for unattended automated markets, including vending, laundromats, OCS, kiddie rides, ticketing and more. Their solutions enable consumers to have a great consumer experience. Operators receive access to their operation data via Nayax’s management platform, which shows real time cashless transactions and telemetry information such as real time alerts, machine visits and more. The convenience for the consumers is obvious and the operators benefit from reduce in operational cost and higher revenue.

Less Visits, Less Headache

While going cashless reduces costs associated with money collection, going with a proven cellular IoT provider reduces costs with maintaining the vending network. Nayax chose their trusted IoT partner of the past 4 years, Telit, for this latest endeavor.

Chief of Nayax’s concern was ensuring improved data communication and an affordable 4G and CAT-M technology to ensure their new products work despite coming 2G and 3G shutdown.

Integrating the Telit ME910 in our cashless payment solutions enables us to provide enhanced communication features for our customers. Telit ensures our customers receive the necessary data for operating their businesses, improving productivity at every stage of the process. In addition, having access to 4G connectivity keeps Nayax ahead of the competition, and allows our customers to stay competitive in their markets as well.

Keren Sharir | CMO, Nayax

Steady Evolution with IoT

As consumers expect faster and faster payment experiences, Nayax delivers with its new 4G-based POS technologies. Nayax consumers may pay with credit, debit, EMV chip card, contactless, mobile wallets, or QR codes.

In particular, QR codes can be used in one of Nayax’s chief growth markets: China. Over 600 million Chinese shoppers use WeChat Pay’s QR-code oriented payment service.

The Nayax 360° solution goes beyond cashless payment enablement, also consisting of telemetry solutions, and a management suite.

Nayax delivers real-time alerts and daily reports to operators, letting them know about issues as they happen. Nothing enables a more positive customer experience then knowing about problems, and acting on them, before the customer knows.

Nayax’s management software receives data uploaded via the Telit cellular IoT module and Telit international IoT SIM Card and Data to give operators a per-location overview of the status of their network. This includes monitoring sales, cash accountability, machine inventory; all with the goal of attaining complete business transparency.

The selection to operate on a cellular network means Nayax operates on extremely secure and reliable cellular networks, as opposed to the establishment’s own WiFi connection.

“The entire process of installation, and setting up the backend for monitoring our sales, has been an easy, supportive experience,” said Franco De Filippo, from Nayax customer Produco. “Knowing that we can deal with one company for all our needs, whether it be related to the hardware, machine communication or financial transactions, has made this a simple rollout.”

Now, Nayax’s solution enables a truly 360° vending management solution for their customers; so their customer can focus on their business, while Nayax focuses on keeping it running.

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