Solutions for IoT-Based Smart Utility Meters

With Internet of Things (IoT) enablement solutions for smart metering, you can improve customer service and your bottom line through actionable smart meter data insights.

What Is Smart Metering?

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Optimize Distribution

Smart metering is one of the key steps to developing citywide smart grid systems. These smart metering systems address utility consumption tracking and forecasting challenges for electricity, gas and water. By providing real-time usage data, smart meters allow utility providers to optimize distribution and empower consumers to make smarter usage decisions.

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Reduce Outage Impact

Smart metering and smart grid technologies enable emergency response to home and neighborhood outages. Smart meters make it easier for technicians to identify an outage’s cause and restore power without an in-person field inspection. Avoiding expensive truck rolls saves utility providers money — and gets customers back to normal faster.

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Support Clean Energy through IoT-Based Meter Readings

Smart metering helps consumers and utility companies manage natural gas consumption more sustainably. Providers can detect and remediate gas or water leaks with greater speed. Without as much of a need for manual meter-reading and associated travel, vehicle emissions decrease.

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Boost Water Conservation

Smart IoT-based water meters provide granular and real-time data about water consumption practices. Analysis can ensure providers correctly allocate water for optimal supply balance. As drought conditions continue to affect large swaths of the globe, this practice is a crucial step toward effective water conservation.

Smart Meter Use Cases

Customer Success Stories

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Freeing Electric Utilities from Mobile Operator Lock-In

Aidon, a smart metering solutions leader, turned to us to develop the industry’s first eSIM solution for smart meters. The company leverages our modules and connectivity to provide the best coverage to their customers’ smart meters.

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Wigersma & Sikkema

Dutch smart gas meter manufacturer Wigersma & Sikkema chose the LE910EU1 module to power its meters. This cellular module enables reliability and energy efficiency for Wigersma & Sikkema’s end users.

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UNICOM 300 gas meter

More Information

Why Smart Meters?

Smart meters technology allows for a range of value-added services such as remote updates and service changes. Their longevity and low power consumption are attractive to companies looking to scale their operations without adding costs.

Smart meters adapt as network technology evolves. Manufacturers can bypass redesigns and focus on helping utility providers address other market needs.

Enable New Services with IoT Smart Meters

Speak with our IoT experts to start building your IoT solutions for smart meters.

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