IoT-Enabled Smart Waste and Smart Water Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created new possibilities for smart waste and water management. IoT enablement empowers cities and organizations to improve public services.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Three colorful trash cans are aligned on a tiled floor, showcasing smart waste management.

Ensure Life Quality

As populations grow, so does overall consumption, which increases garbage amounts and water usage worldwide. From rural areas to cities, waste and water management are critical to ensure each individual’s quality of life.

A man in a hard hat inspects pipes in a factory as part of smart waste and water management.

Enhance Waste Management

Waste management is a resource-intensive industry still operating with outdated methods and processes. IoT-enabled smart waste management solutions provide:

  • Real-time data for enhanced asset visibility to increase efficiency and reduce theft
  • Waste bin fill sensors to improve service and reduce unnecessary visits
  • Cloud-based analytics to optimize scheduling and truck routes
Two people working at a recycling plant, using smart waste management techniques.

Reduce Water Loss

Outdated water management systems result in losing millions of gallons of water each year. IoT enablement for smart water management reduces water loss by providing:

  • Access to real-time data to optimize water distribution and identify concerns
  • Underground infrastructure monitoring to detect and repair leaks
  • Predictive analytics to avoid system failure

Customer Success Stories

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The big belly logo on a black background represents smart waste management.
The logo for wint water ingenuity embodies smart water management.

Redefining IoT Waste Management

Nordsense’s IoT smart waste management solution empowers cities with real-time data for efficient waste collection. Our IoT connectivity management and modules enable Nordsense with extended battery life and roaming. 

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Transforming Trash Collection Operations

Bigbelly Solar uses our IoT modules and connectivity services for their smart waste and recycling collection system. Our IoT enablement provides real-time data collection and analytics for the Bigbelly cloud platform.

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LTE-Enabled Water Leak Prevention and Damage Control

WINT helps building owners and businesses detect and stop water leaks in real time with its Water Intelligence Technology. Our modules, connectivity and management tools enable WINT’s solutions with ultralow power consumption and reliable connectivity. 

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A black box with a plug for smart waste management.
Bigbelly Solar's smart waste collection and recycling solution uses Telit's IoT modules and connectivity.
The WINT dashboard displayed on both mobile and desktop.

deviceWISE® IIoT Platform

Hands holding a tablet that's projecting holographic data graphs. Image is overlaid with other graphs, including bell curves and lines.

deviceWISE, powered by Telit Cinterion, lets you connect your machines and enterprise software without writing custom code. This platform leverages the power of a logic engine and hundreds of native machine protocols and drivers. Once implemented, you can get near real-time bidirectional data and analysis from any machine, sensor or device. Discover how deviceWISE can help you scale and future-proof your IIoT solution.

Explore deviceWISE Explore deviceWISE

Update Waste and Water Management with IoT

Speak with our smart city IoT experts to get your smart waste and water management solution off the ground.

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