NExTPro™ Connectivity Management Platform

Gain complete visibility and granular control from one intuitive dashboard.

Features and Benefits

Streamline Connectivity and Device Management

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Robust Management Tools

Managing your devices and connectivity from one dashboard is critical to your business success. As your deployment scales worldwide, you’ll need monitoring and management tools to streamline the complexity of each network connection. Our IoT connectivity management addresses your deployment’s needs to connect and integrate from one user-friendly interface.

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Optimize Business Intelligence

One dashboard empowers you to:

  • View every device in your deployment in detail
  • Activate and deactivate devices
  • Analyze connection quality
  • View data usage and connection status
  • Set optimal provisioning parameters
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Complete Visibility from One Device to Millions

Free your staff from managing multiple carriers with end-to-end, module-to-cloud device and connectivity management. Optimize your global mission-critical deployments with:

  • Visibility
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Scalability
  • Performance

IoT Connectivity Management Use Cases

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Ensuring LPG Fuel Is Always Available

Zenner Gas developed MINI LEVEL to enable businesses and individuals can check liquid propane gas tank levels remotely. Zenner leverages our IoT connectivity suite to monitor and manage devices and SIMs.

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Keeping Athletes Safe with IoT Connectivity

Chrono Consult offers timing and GPS tracking solutions that support sporting events worldwide. The company leverages our IoT SIMs and data plans, which provide flexible roaming and access to the largest possible network. 

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Zenner Gas leverages Telit's IoT connectivity management to monitor and manage its MINI LEVEL devices and SIMs.
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More Information

IoT Connectivity Portal

The IoT Connectivity Portal offers comprehensive control of your global IoT deployment by offering:

  • Unified drill-down CDR management of data, sessions and SMS usage across multiple global carriers
  • One-touch, centralized access user interface (UI) for quick insights on active connections, usage and history
  • Advanced subscription life cycle management, device diagnostics and bring-your-own-connectivity enablement
  • Smart diagnostics that help you identify and correct device issues using AT calls over the air
  • Easy-to-use triggers to automate connectivity management and guarantee service quality for your customers

Manage Your Entire Deployment from a Single Pane of Glass

The IoT connectivity management dashboard empowers you with total visibility and control over your IoT devices and connections.

Streamline IoT Device Connectivity and Control

Our web-based connectivity management tools empower you with granular control, from one SIM to the entire IoT deployment.

Monitor and Analyze Service and Usage Data across Wireless Networks

Enhance performance and improve end-user satisfaction with data overage mitigation and cost management optimization.

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Industry Recognition


Kaleido Intelligence’s Connectivity Vendor Hub research provides the most up-to-date product assessment and scores for connectivity service providers.

We are a High Flyer for our Connectivity Management Platform and eSIM Connectivity.

Kaleido Intelligence | November 2023


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