TT Electronics: Faster, Easier IoT Deployments with Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

Utilities, smart cities, manufacturers and other organizations will deploy another billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in 2020, Gartner predicts. That’s 5.8 billion worldwide, a 21% increase from 2019 and nearly the same growth rate as 2018.

Those numbers are impressive considering all the hardware, software, networks, services and other components required for a successful IoT deployment. Most organizations have little or no in-house IoT expertise. That means they struggle to identify the right components to meet their requirements and then assemble them into a system they can deploy quickly and cost-effectively. The longer the lead time, the longer the organization must wait to start achieving IoT benefits, such as increased efficiency and productivity from automation.

These challenges can be even more daunting for large-scale IoT deployments. An electric smart grid, for example, can easily be tens of thousands of endpoints spanning multiple cities or states.

Rapid IoT Deployment for Rapid ROI

To help organizations overcome those challenges, TT Electronics created Speed to Connect, a seamless, end-to-end IoT framework of hardware, connectivity, infrastructure and user experience solutions. Launched in June 2020, Speed to Connect is initially targeting applications such as asset tracking, smart homes and cold chain logistics.

“Speed to Connect simplifies an often seemingly daunting process, empowering customers to get up and running with an IoT solution in a matter of weeks,” says Kjell Karlsson, Managing Director Connectivity, TT Electronics. “From proof of concept to programs of scale, we can deliver the hardware, connectivity and user experience to connect, sense, track and monitor.”

By streamlining development and deployment for IoT devices, Speed to Connect also helps organizations achieve goals such as improving efficiencies, eliminating unnecessary maintenance, reducing their carbon footprint and enabling data-led business decisions.

Speed to Connect enables customers to deploy smart IoT solutions faster and more cost-effectively than going it alone. Our revolutionary new solution cuts R & D time by up to 80%.

Kjell Karlsson, Managing Director Connectivity, TT Electronics

The Speed to Connect framework has two initial products:

  • S-2CONNECT Hub serves as the IoT gateway for the entire Speed to Connect system. The device can be used as an asset tracker, smart home gateway or industrial smart hub. S-2CONNECT Hub receives and automatically transfers data so it can be collected, monitored and analyzed, enabling organizations to make informed business decisions such as identifying trends.
  • S-2CONNECT Sense monitors environmental conditions for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, such as logistics containers, commercial buildings and a fleet of trucks delivering cold goods. The device senses temperature, humidity, lighting, movement and other changes to detect problems remotely and trigger automated processes.

Service providers and OEMS need options that are more workable than stretching engineering resources and limited IoT knowledge. Speed to Connect addresses these needs by providing a modern, modular approach to IoT deployments that allows customers to scale with demand.

Kjell Karlsson, Managing Director Connectivity, TT Electronics

The Telit Advantage

S-2CONNECT Hub and S-2CONNECT Sense both use the Telit BlueMod+S42 module to communicate with each other using Bluetooth®Low Energy. The ultralow energy consumption is ideal for battery-powered IoT devices.

The BlueMod+S42 is Bluetooth® 4.2 qualified and is designed for applications such as serial cable replacement. As a member of the BlueMod+Sx family, the BlueMod+S42 gives systems designers the flexibility to swap it in to replace previous generations, with no new hardware or software spins required.

Telit also provides the BlueDev+S42 developer kit, which enables rapid prototyping of a customer’s firmware. Solutions are based on Lua, a simple yet powerful scripting language, supported by the Telit AppZone development environment or by using silicon vendor SDK for C++ development.

In addition to the BlueMod+S42’s advanced features and capabilities, TT also knew it could rely on Telit.

We have a good relationship with Telit following previous collaboration on our S-track platform solutions. We have confidence in the Telit brand and were able to work together to specify a solution that would ensure our solution remained competitive.

Kjell Karlsson, Managing Director Connectivity, TT Electronics
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