IoT-Enabled Smart Lighting for Smart Cities

Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to simplify energy conservation with smart lighting systems.

Make Smarter Lighting Decisions for Your City


Increase Energy Efficiency

Public and commercial lighting infrastructure is expensive and one of the greatest contributors to energy waste. Organizations and government agencies worldwide face increased pressure to become more energy-efficient while reducing costs. Outdoor smart lighting solutions are a great place to start.


Reduce Energy Costs

Smart lighting enables gathering real-time data from connected infrastructure throughout the city or across commercial buildings. Accessing this data empowers cities and organizations to:

  • Monitor usage and provide lighting as needed
  • Adjust lighting settings based on environmental conditions and traffic
  • Check operational status with real-time data

Make Cities Safer

IoT smart lighting systems enhance public safety to make cities safer and improve citizen experiences. Smart lighting enables cities to:

  • Turn on or dim lights to assist emergency responders
  • Increase lighting in high crime areas
  • Brighten lights in remote areas in response to traffic
  • Detect and address lighting outages faster

WM Systems

WM Systems leverages our IoT modules for their smart streetlight solution. The CE910-SL module enables this smart city application to operate on Europe’s CDMA450 band.


Save Money, Enhance Safety, Improve Lives

Speak with our smart city IoT experts to help you get started on your IoT-enabled smart lighting solution.

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