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One-Touch Access to Your Global Connectivity Network for Unmatched Visibility and Control of Your IoT Ecosystem

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Not all connectivity solutions are created equal. Telit offers a robust IoT connectivity management tool and resource collection designed to get your IoT deployment to market quickly and efficiently. Once you’re there, we’ll keep you ahead of the pack.

Regardless of your IoT deployment’s size, scale or stage, Telit simplifies and reduces the costs of certifying, deploying and managing a sustainable connectivity ecosystem. We help enterprises focus on actualizing their IoT solutions by delivering scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

Proven IoT Connectivity Leadership

  • Our global MNO partner network unifies IoT connectivity into one secure, cost-optimized touch point.
  • Telit builds, designs and supports our solutions in-house, making us a true single-source IoT provider.
  • Our certification roadmaps accelerate and streamline cross-border IoT connectivity deployments. 
  • We offer IoT device and connectivity management, global IoT SIM cards, and data plans.

Telit Mobile Broadband Leadership


One-Touch IoT Lifecycle
Management Platform

The Telit IoT Connectivity Portal is your gateway to complete visibility, awareness and control of your global IoT deployment.

Monitor, manage and monetize devices and connectivity from the comfort of your favorite armchair. Our IoT Connectivity Portal provides a highly interactive and engaging user experience with easy-to-use dashboards, charts, reports and other visual cues using broadly accepted industry terms, measures and indicators. Configure billing and provisioning parameters with ease through our integrated device platforms or use our AI automation routines to ensure maximum uptime and performance at the lowest cost across multiple carriers and regions.

  • Unified drill-down CDR management of data, sessions and SMS usage across multiple global carriers
  • One-touch, centralized access UI for quick insights on active connections, usage and history
  • Advanced subscription life cycle management, device diagnostics and BYO connectivity enablement
  • Smart diagnostics that help you identify and correct device issues using AT calls over the air
  • Easy-to-use triggers to automate connectivity management and guarantee service quality for your customers

Module-Embedded SIM Software Simplifies IoT and M2M Device Managment

Telit simWISE™ embedded IoT software virtualizes traditional SIM technology, yielding smaller devices that reduce manufacturing, operation and maintenance costs.

Telit simWISE virtualizes SIM functions into a small, highly efficient module interface that’s accessible from any location. Install once, and you’re ready to access powerful online tools that simplify inventory management, device activation states, audits, user administration and carrier profile configuration. Telit simWISE streamlines IoT operations and improves uptime by offloading complexity and costs associated with manual customization, troubleshooting and intervention.

  • A unified user experience that helps you rapidly build, test, customize and ship your IoT solution
  • Virtualizing SIM functionality removes complexity, variability and cost from planning and R&D cycles
  • Device provisioning, configuration and control over the air for agile, responsive, streamlined operations
  • Embedded, battle-tested security routines proactively safeguard intellectual property at every life cycle stage
Telit simWISE
Telit simWISE


Cost-optimized plans that let you decide when, where and how much connectivity you need


Orchestrate global IoT deployments, carrier services and customer accounts effortlessly


Experience single-touch-point access to multiple regions, networks and the latest SIM technology


Add connectivity resources and plans dynamically as your reach and market share grow


A global team of dedicated experts who understand your evolving industry and needs

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

Painless Device Certification

Our streamlined certification process helps expand your solution’s reach across multiple networks, carriers and countries

Next-Gen Connectivity Software

Model complex business rules, trend analytics and corrective triggers easily and benefit from the latest network-agnostic technologies

Rapid Device Onboarding

Get ahead of the pack with life cycle management tools, interactive dashboards and an extensive library of carrier API accelerators

Global, 24/7 Support

Tread boldly with 24/7 NOC support and a global team of dedicated implementation and support experts at your back