IoT Suite

IoT Suite is a trusted device life cycle management suite to manage device connectivity, performance, maintenance and security.

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IoT Life Cycle Management Services

Connect and Secure Your IoT Devices

IoT technology is sophisticated, evolving and expanding at an unprecedented speed. As a result, tens of billions of new connections are expected in the decade ahead.

This extraordinary growth presents difficult IoT management challenges for stakeholders, including network crowding, service disruption, short software life cycles and increasing security concerns.

As the cellular IoT ecosystem booms, participants depend on steadfast connectivity, reliability and superior security to ensure business continuity and to remain competitive.

They need IoT solutions and services that sustain and manage massive fleets of devices for long life cycles of over 10 years, even as technology, networks and cyberattacks evolve.

As Your IoT Solution Provider, We Ensure:

Discover how reliable cellular IoT connectivity enables remote monitoring solutions.
  • Devices are quickly, easily and reliably connected 24/7, from the first use of a device to the end of its life
  • Large fleets of devices can scale smoothly as the business grows
  • Device firmware and applications are cost-effectively updated and optimized to keep pace with continuously evolving wireless networks and service capabilities
  • Devices are operating at peak performance
  • Device onboarding and data exchange with cloud platforms are secure

Telit Cinterion IoT Suite Services

A Suite of Services to Optimize IoT Operations and Drive ROI

Our IoT Suite leverages more than 20 years of experience in telecom and global over-the-air (OTA) technology plus unprecedented digital security expertise that comes from managing billions of device credentials.

Comprised of four cloud-based service categories that can be combined or used separately to tackle operational challenges of IoT device connectivity, performance, maintenance and security.

Optimize Your IoT Projects and Keep Them Running

Connectivity Activation

Leverage proven IoT technologies to optimize field maintenance time.Deploying geographically diverse and global IoT installations often requires multiple product SKUs, complicated installation logistics and various mobile network operator (MNO) service agreements.

For many enterprises, the complexities of managing SKUs, delivering the right product to each endpoint and provisioning services are daunting.

No matter which cellular technology your application is leveraging — 2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA, or 5G — they all depend on seamless and reliable connectivity, from the first use of a device to the end of its life.

Telit Cinterion is tackling the challenge of IoT connectivity activation, MNO selection and subscription provisioning, offering a powerful remote solution to streamline the IoT journey from the factory to the field.

Our connectivity activation solution raises the bar on traditional remote SIM provisioning to simplify the IoT ecosystem.

By offering a native bootstrap along with an “empty shell” eSIM, a single IoT device, the SKU can be remotely configured for any cellular operator when it is turned on for the first time.

Trusted Identities

Trusted identities streamlines digital id and maintenance to ensure a lifetime of trust.The massive growth in the number of IoT devices and data they generate significantly increase the risk of cyberattacks that can compromise sensitive data, damage equipment and even shut down critical civil infrastructure.

That’s why state-of-the-art cloud platforms now require sophisticated IoT identity management with remote authentication processes to ensure that devices, application software, and data can be trusted.

The industry-unique trusted identity services offer leverages decades of digital security expertise that comes from delivering more than three billion secure devices every year.

Our offer streamlines unique digital identity provisioning and maintenance while securing the complete device-to-cloud journey.

The services leverage IoT device identities and security attributes embedded into the roots of modules, gateways and modem cards.

They then employ an advanced Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to support the automated, secure enrollment of devices into private and public clouds.

The result?

Our trusted identity services ensures data confidentiality and integrity while safeguarding the complete data-to-cloud journey for the lifetime of devices. This takes the security burden off of IoT providers allowing them to focus on their key competencies and expertise.

Software Updates

Software updates provide essential maintenance to ensure devices stay current with the latest features and security measures, eliminating the need for costly service.Rapidly evolving networks and security standards are driving the need for frequent IoT device software updates.

Needless to say that physical maintenance of large and global device fleets has become cost-prohibitive and logistically impractical for most implementations.

Our offer orchestrates massive update campaigns simultaneously across large and globally distributed fleets.

This helps enterprises proactively and cost-effectively control the life cycle of device firmware.

There’s more.

Secure remote updates are achieved by leveraging encryption mechanisms and digital signatures that ensure only trusted software is accepted on an IoT device.

Our software update services are part of a broader array of IoT Suite services, providing extremely efficient and secure remote management of IoT device software and firmware.

The result?

Software updates keep the overall cost of operations low while maintaining millions of widely distributed global assets, keeping them up to date, secure and working at their best.

Device Performance

Enhance device performance and fleet visibility with IoT life cycle management services.IoT is transforming our world, and as IoT fleets expand and evolve, cellular connectivity and IoT devices require careful monitoring and fine-tuning to maintain reliability and optimal performance.

IoT deployments also need to securely integrate new endpoints, add features and improve the overall customer experience.

You know the score.

You can’t improve what you can’t see and measure.

Our device performance services monitor and measure device connectivity and performance across entire fleets.

In addition, it communicates real-time insights that help detect anomalies in device behavior and connectivity.

The result?

Operations teams can respond immediately with corrective actions, including device reconfiguration and software updates before problems occur.


Optimize Operations with Telit Cinterion

We’ve pioneered IoT products and solutions for over 20 years. Discover how the Telit Cinterion IoT Suite simplifies the IoT journey and enables reliable connectivity and secure data exchange for global applications.

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