NExT™ Network
Global IoT Connectivity

NExT, powered by Telit Cinterion, is a state-of-the-art, secure cloud-native, mobile core network. It enables new and enhanced turnkey connectivity and device management services.

With NExT, you can deploy globally with powerful, intelligent SIM technologies, such as multi-IMSI, eUICC & advanced Remote SIM Provisioning .

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Get Flexible IoT Connectivity with NExT


Our NExT global network helps get your IoT deployment to market fast. From the very inception of your application along the whole life cycle, we reduce the costs of managing your connectivity ecosystem by optimizing connectivity with best performance, security and longevity.

  • NExT connectivity solution with post and prepaid plans
  • Connected Modules packages, combine modules, connectivity and management tools, starting at $0.89 per month
  • NExT EMBEDDED™ reduces your module footprint and deployment logistics
  • Optimus smart IoT billing tool to optimize your data plan



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NExT Network and Technologies

  • Fully georedundant, global IP network on-site with transparent failover to AWS cloud hybrid backup with enhanced remote troubleshooting capabilities
  • NExT voice and data plans are available for the following technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Cat-M, NB-IoT and 5G
  • Coverage is available from over 600 carriers in more than 200 countries worldwide, availability varies across countries, regions and radio access network coverage
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NExT eSIM Provisioning

Leverage proven eSIM technology to optimize logistics, installation time, device uptime, and field maintenance operations.

Explore NExT eSIM Provisioning Explore NExT eSIM Provisioning
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Advanced Prepaid Solution

  • Prepaid data plans that are fully flexible in terms of period length and package size available on NExT™ across a full array of SIMs and eSIMs 
  • Simple one-time payment options enable new business models and offerings to compete and thrive in today’s global economy 
Explore Our Prepaid Plans Explore Our Prepaid Plans
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Embedded Connectivity

Get the next generation of embedded SIM chip (eSIM)  and integrated  SIM (iSIM) technology in the cellular IoT module. Streamline operations with advanced provisioning capabilities and easy-to-use connection and device management tools.

Embedded Connectivity empowers you to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Simplify deployment of cellular connected IoT devices at any scale
  • Boost operations efficiency in secured fast and simple manner
Explore Embedded Connectivity Explore Embedded Connectivity
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Connectivity Management Platform

Our one-touch Connectivity Management Platform provides easy-to-use dashboards and reports using industry measurements and indicators. Configure billing and provisioning parameters with ease through our integrated device platforms. Our AI automation routines ensure maximum uptime and performance at the lowest cost across multiple carriers and regions.

NExT Use Case

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Managing Strained Wastewater Networks

When nothing less than 100% will do: Our solutions help Detectronic ensure accurate measurement and reporting to wastewater depths and flow rates.

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More Information

What Is the NExT Network?

NExT is a global, dedicated IoT network that provides flexible and reliable connectivity. It offers enterprises and IoT service providers throughout the ecosystem seamless roaming coverage and services.

This mobile core network supplies visibility and control over your international cellular IoT or mobile broadband deployment. From a single, user-friendly connectivity dashboard, you can operate and deploy your IoT devices.

With one contract and one simple bill, NExT optimizes your costs no matter where your devices are. It provides the manageability and scalability you need for your global IoT deployment.

What Is Multi-IMSI?

What is multi-IMSI?

Multi-IMSI enables you to improve device health and connectivity. This functionality empowers any device. You can scale deployments requiring remote IMSI selection by leveraging high-level automation tools.

  • Multi-IMSI technology allows several IMSI profiles on a single SIM
  • Powerful multi-IMSI policy on the NExT network for all customers
  • Primary IMSI per country policy based on coverage, service quality and cost optimization
  • Unique mission-critical support for MNO/IMSI sponsor outages and IMSI switch abilities
  • Eliminate bill shock wherever your devices are activated

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How Is Multi-IMSI Used?

Multi-IMSI allows flexibility and optimized coverage, cellular technologies and costs.

Multi-IMSI is used when a customer wants full support from multiple operators in a country. Some IMSI donors only support a subset of a country’s operators. In these situations, multi-IMSI solves cost and coverage issues.

Another use case is for mission-critical applications in which the SIM will work with other IMSIs in case of IMSI operation failure.

Multi-IMSI supports localization where we have a local IMSI sponsor in our multi-IMSI SIM. This capability enables you to transition to other operators easily where there are permanent roaming restrictions.

What Is eUICC?

eUICC technology, based on a global GSMA-sponsored standard embraced by mobile operators worldwide, is fundamental for IoT. It enables new use cases requiring streamlined logistics for devices to go from factory to field and into operation. eUICC empowers the end user at the end of the line with over-the-air (OTA) provisioning and management of the device’s mobile connection details.

NExT is a provider of one of the industry’s broadest coverage of eUICC or eSIM technology. Customers can switch profiles and localize solutions to address issues with permanent roaming restrictions.

Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Fast and flexible implementation of VAS access solutions, such as VPN and private APN
  • Network-based security rules and alerts automatically triggering smart actions

NExT Network Awards and Recognition

Cutting-edge IoT network wins Fierce Telecom NExT Innovation Award.
The logo for the mobile breakthrough award 2021 featuring IoT connectivity solutions.
Recipient of the 2021 IoT Innovator Award for the best product in gold.
This product was awarded IoT Evolution Product of the Year for its innovative contributions to the IoT network.
The logo for the NExT digital awards gold award.
Merritt awards IoT silver, highlighting their commitment to the NExT generation of technology.

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