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Experts in IoT Connectivity

Rtone began working in the connected products sector in 2007. The company is a connectivity expert, especially in GSM and GPS for applications such as:

  • Remote control
  • Monitoring
  • Track and trace

Rtone is not a lab or notified body — it is a one-stop shop for your IoT products. From use case definition to data processing, Rtone’s team collaborates with customers to design smart, connected products.

This company provides seven areas of expertise with a multidisciplinary team of 70. It offers customers the services they need to outsource their product design.

Within the 700-person ABMI group, Rtone is a specialist in connected product engineering. The group has a strong presence across France and in neighboring countries. Projects include mechanical, hardware, software and cloud designs.

Examples of Customer Projects

Urban Soft Mobilities

One of Rtone’s customers is a leader in urban soft mobilities. For this customer, Rtone designed a tracking solution to prevent theft that also provides tracing, loaning and after-sales services support.

  • Integrated our ME310G1-WW LTE module
  • Included a constrained environment: Small-size PCB, long operating life and multiple wireless features (GPS, BLE, etc.)
  • Adapted antennas inside the mechanical design
  • Encrypted uplink and downlink connection to the cloud due to an embedded secure element

Equipment Manufacturer

For an equipment manufacturer, Rtone designed a geolocated, low-power mobile gateway. The aim was to monitor metrics through Microsoft Azure IoT Edge modules and allow software and configuration updates (i.e., FOTA/COTA).

  • Implemented a Cat 1 LTE and a Cat M1/NB-IoT module using our LE910 and ME910 series with Linux embedded
  • Reached an ultralow power target with a low-power MCU and high-performance CPU
  • Completed the mechanical design of the case and the hardware design by embedding modems and antennas on the electronic board
  • Managed prequalification production tests and certification requirements
  • Designed the test and programming bench to validate the gateways on the production line


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“Over the past few years, we have seen increased demand to add cellular connectivity to projects. Our engineers compared offers from main competitors, and for most projects, the references available in Telit’s portfolio are the most relevant. We particularly appreciate our relationship with the sales and support teams, their responsiveness and the high quality of the technical documentation.”

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