The image displays the logo of idemia group, which consists of the company name in capital letters alongside a graphic element comprising angled brackets. the logo is set against a plain background.

Secure Global Connectivity

IDEMIA Secure Transactions, a division of the IDEMIA Group, is a prominent player in payment and connectivity solutions. With a rich history of pioneering advancements in industry, the company empowers clients to deliver essential services. It strikes an unparalleled balance between top-tier security and user-friendly experiences. IDEMIA’s distinctive market position results from its extensive expertise in advanced cryptography and large-scale credential issuance.

Today, IDEMIA Secure Transactions uniquely caters to the market’s demands. Its ultrasecure product and service suite adopts a client-centric approach. It guarantees that end users’ demands for immediacy, hyper-personalization and convenience are met.

IDEMIA collaborates with Telit Cinterion, providing a comprehensive array of  eUICCs and UICCs. It also provides a multi-IMSI application that supports our global connectivity services. We have also implemented IDEMIA’s SM-SR/DP. It facilitates the localization and optimization of connectivity profiles over the air, adapting to the SIM’s location.

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