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About Swift Navigation

Swift Navigation is changing the way we understand and navigate the planet. Swift’s precise positioning solutions enable centimeter-level mapping, tracking, and navigation to unlock vehicle autonomy, industrial automation, and digital innovation across industries globally.

Some of the largest companies in the world are leveraging Swift’s technology to enable:

  • Vehicle safety and autonomy
  • Outdoor robot efficiency and autonomy
  • Fleet management and asset tracking
  • GIS surveying and mapping
  • Next-generation mobile applications for navigation, worker safety, and augmented reality

Unlock the Next Generation of Location-Based Products with Precise Positioning

Swift has developed Skylark® Precise Positioning Service, a cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers accurate and reliable positioning for location-based products across industries and around the world.

ISO-certified to meet automotive safety standards for L2+ autonomy and delivered through carrier-grade networks with full redundancy in every system and connection, Skylark delivers superior reliability required in safety-critical applications.

Skylark is available in multiple variants to meet a broad range of performance, power and cost requirements. It is also interoperable with a wide range of third-party components, making it easy to enable precision anytime in the development cycle.

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Joining Forces to Bring Cutting-Edge, Low-Power GNSS Solutions to Market

We are working hand-in-hand with Swift Navigation to bring cutting-edge precise GNSS solutions to the IoT market.

Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service is the perfect match to our suite of best-in-class low power GNSS receivers, enabling reliable precision while minimizing power consumption, processing loads, and data transmissions. In even the most challenging environments, such as dense urban areas and canyons, our joint solution dramatically improves location accuracy within seconds.

Read more about how our partnership is making it easier than ever to bring world-class, location-based products to market on time and on budget in our joint press release.

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We partnered with Telit Cinterion because they share our commitment to providing innovative solutions that unlock entirely new use cases for precise positioning across industries. We are thrilled to offer a new solution that enables IoT and mobile app developers to harness the power of precise positioning as never before.

Holger Ippach, Executive Vice President of Product at Swift Navigation

Skylark is available in different configurations, each optimized for specific use-cases.

Partner Showcase

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Skylark Dx

GNSS Corrections Service Offering Ultra-Low Power Sub-Meter Precision

Skylark Dx offers affordable sub-meter precision and uniform performance country-wide for applications requiring:

  • Low power consumption
  • Minimal processing loads
  • Low data transmission

It is therefore ideal for small, battery powered devices with size constrained antennas, such as:

  • Mobile handsets & wearables
  • Logistics & asset tracking
  • Connected infrastructure

Our module(s) based on Skylark Dx:

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Skylark Nx RTK

GNSS Corrections Service Offering Reliable Centimeter-Level Precision and Wide Coverage

Skylark Nx RTK enables reliable centimeter-level accuracy across the widest coverage footprint in the industry.

It is ideal for applications requiring precision as high as 2 cm, and greater flexibility and affordability than traditional vertically integrated solutions, such as:

  • GIS surveying and mapping
  • Drones
  • Robotic lawnmowers
  • Autonomous agriculture
  • Rail equipment monitoring

Our module(s) based on Skylark Nx RTK:

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