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Innovation through Intelligent Precision Sensing

221e is a leading global supplier of intelligent precision sensing software for smart devices. Since 2012, they have delivered innovative sensing solutions that power a variety of consumer, automotive and industrial products.

Customers that use our hardware with 221e’s embedded software can also leverage their extensive expertise in various domains:

  • AI/ML
  • Physics
  • Sensing
  • Algorithms
  • Mechatronics
  • Biomechanics
  • Microelectronics

221e performs as a system integrator and follows new projects from concept to R&D and manufacturing. It provides scientific guidance and technical consultancy and activates our hardware-software team. The company also manages production and supply chain processes.

221e’s end-to-end process meets the needs of its customers, including:

  • Shrinkage of time-to-market
  • Providing access to hard-to-find talents and competences
  • Optimizing investments in non-core technologies
  • Providing direct support from a trusted technical partner

221e is a catalyst of competitive advantage and an enabler of new business opportunities. It delivers fully engineered and tested solutions that enter its customers’ products.

Sensor Fusion AI and Motion Sensing Software

221e’s sensor fusion AI software brings value to joint customers worldwide. Its AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms provide exceptional accuracy, consistent results and significant cost advantages.

Motion sensing is pervasive to a wide market base and the ability to provide trustworthy inertial data enables:

  • Context awareness
  • Activity recognition
  • Motion control
  • Dead reckoning navigation
  • Stabilization

In conjunction with geolocalization and IoT connectivity, IMU technology and inertial sensors power verticals, including:

Together, we help customers create smarter devices with advanced sensor fusion technology. We enable them to achieve the promise of AI with sensor data analytics and expert-guided machine learning.


Partner Showcase

Mpe motion processing engine with enhanced 221e technology.


6/9-Axis Sensor Fusion Library That Provides Real-Time 3D Orientation Estimation with Exceptional Accuracy and Consistent Results

  • Empowers smart devices with the latest signal processing technology and the lowest estimation error, placing it on par with the optical ground truth
  • Uses advanced algorithms to ensure negligible drift in static and dynamic conditions
  • Provides consistent precision from the ground up based on a decade of field testing and scientific research
  • Continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications

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Neurosense sensor fusion AI utilizing the latest 221E technology for advanced data analysis.


Edge AI Software Provides Real-Time Inertial Sensor Data Analytics without the Downsides of Using the Cloud

NeuraSense includes a variety of intelligent sensing libraries for consumer, automotive and industrial applications:

  • NeuraActive™: Tracks human motion in diverse activities with great precision
  • NeuraSafe™: Man down detection designed with extreme accuracy for life-saving applications
  • NeuraDrive™: A driving monitoring solution that tracks driver behavior and mechanical data about the vehicle
  • NeuraVibe™: Industrial vibration analysis for predictive maintenance and structural health monitoring.

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