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Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

Unlock the Full Power of Edge Analytics with Secure Connectivity and Uninterrupted Performance


Dell EMC Edge Gateways


Access the Full Potential of Your Edge Data

The new intelligent Dell EMC Edge Gateways help companies connect OT/IT environments and extract value from edge-generated data with no interruptions to their infrastructure. Available in two models, series 3200 and 5200, these edge gateways enable enterprises to collect, consolidate, and perform lightweight analyses on the vast data generated from multiple edge devices. Designed in a rugged, fan-less design, the Dell EMC Edge Gateways are compact and robust enough to endure 24/7/365 operations. They power real-time insights that will lead to better efficiency, lower costs, and greater performance for your business.


Actionable Insights Where You Need Them

Dell EMC Edge Gateways bridge your legacy systems and modern sensors to the internet, enabling you to collect and process live streams of data at the edge, reducing response time and saving bandwidth. With the power of the underlying Intel Core-I and Atom processors, you gain the speed and power to run intensive workloads to extract actionable insights valuable to your business, especially when combined with applications that enhance automated data curation and analytics capabilities. This way, you can process what is important locally, where and when speed matters.


Secure Connectivity Across OT/IT Environments

Connect your edge devices through different ways: traditional LAN and WWAN, 4G, or 5G, plus compatibility with a breadth of sensor networks, control systems, and industry-standard protocols. Dell EMC Edge Gateways also provide optimized connectivity from edge to cloud and core, sending only meaningful data to the cloud or centralized data center. Since connecting so many infrastructure pieces requires robust security, you can rely on Dell Technologies’ broad IT security portfolio.


Uninterrupted Performance Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure that your operations and productivity keep running to boost real-time performance. Dell EMC Edge Gateways are designed to perform 24x7x365 in the most extreme environments in terms of temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, and more. Engineered with an industrial-grade form factor, fan-less and compact design, these gateways can be used in multiple circumstances. And, you don’t have to compromise on energy consumption: they offer several features for reducing power usage so you can save even more on your operations by using the power volt fluctuation and alarm features.


Customizable Options That Fit Your Needs

Specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), rebranding-ready versions of the gateways are also available. With a long lifecycle target of 5 years, we can provide a customized gateway for your specific business needs.


Modular Design

  • 4G and 5G options
  • OEM ready options
  • Functional modules
  • Rebranding-ready options


Use Cases

  • Industrial automation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Machine control and reliability
  • Asset monitoring and management
  • Data acquisition
  • Quality assurance
  • Security video surveillance
  • Point of sales analytics


Dell and Telit Cinterion

The combination of Dell and Telit Cinterion allows for the seamless unification of the business and operation by:

  • Converging IT/OT protocols
  • Building IIoT around existing legacy, modern, proprietary, and open-source equipment while eliminating custom programming
  • Easily connecting multiple clouds and multiple facilities for comparison and use of a common data model



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