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Trusted Leader in Antenna Solutions

Since 2002, 2J Antennas has become a global antenna solution supplier that delivers innovative technologies for the connected world.

The company’s vision is to be a trusted, world-class leader in antenna solutions, providing advanced technologies for the connected world. 2J Antennas innovates and offers high-quality products and services with cutting-edge technologies to meet the wireless industry’s rapidly evolving needs.

2J Antennas caters to multiple frequencies, including:

The company’s solutions serve various markets, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Navigation
  • IoT
  • Marine
  • Telematics
  • Automation
  • M2M

Leading-Edge Technology, Quality Perfection and Self-Sufficiency

2J Antenna stands for quality perfection and utilizes a large selection of advanced engineering tools, including:

  • Network analyzers
  • Anechoic chambers
  • Simulation software
  • 3D rapid prototyping printers

These tools enable the company to deliver off-the-shelf and customized antenna solutions that are suitable and ready for the rapidly growing wireless industry.

2J Antennas provides in-house design, R&D and manufacturing. Its customer projects benefit from dedicated engineering teams, rapid prototyping and a walk-through certification process. The engineering team uses these tools and support to reduce design phases, react promptly and expand efficiently to satisfy all customers’ needs.2J Antenna Branch Locations

By investing in its team and infrastructure, 2J Antennas continuously provides a great work environment while developing cutting-edge antenna products. Its experts are constantly inspired to unleash their expertise and creativity to create the most innovative antenna solutions. With three RF development locations in Slovakia, the U.K. and the U.S., its team has developed a reputation for engineering excellence and self-sufficiency.

2J Antennas is proud to support our fragile environment by manufacturing its products with non-hazardous materials, making them fully compliant with:

  • RoHS
  • IATF 16949:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

In addition, selected antennas are IP67, IP69K, IK-09 and CE certified. Plastic injection, SMD pick and place, product assembly and quality control are all conducted in-house, allowing flexibility in manufacturing and competitive product prices.

Services and Capabilitites

Services Offering

Selecting the appropriate antenna solution is critical during any connected device’s design and development phase.

2J Antennas implements various services that help every customer bring a product to market with little to no effort by providing a true end-to-end process, including:

  • Antenna position study
  • PCB layout recommendations
  • Antenna matching
  • Comparison study
  • Field study
  • ECC testing
  • Active matching
  • Emissions testing

Customers can take advantage of the company’s CTIA-certified anechoic chambers, available across each site. Active and passive over-the-air (OTA) measurements are produced, such as:

  • Gain
  • Peak gain
  • Efficiency
  • TRP
  • TIS
  • EIRP
  • 2D and 3D radiation patterns

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Antennas

2J Antennas took the off-the-shelf portfolio to the next level. Its off-the-shelf products are fully customizable by offering various cable types, cable lengths and connector types and can be made to order. Customers can adjust within a product development process and negotiate with prospective clients.

From prototype to the final product, 2J Antennas ensures your antenna requirements are met and optimized for the market. It designs custom antenna solutions and provides integration support that meets the demand for high-quality network services.

  • PCB and RF circuit design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Plastic injection and overmolding
  • Cable assembly

Production Capabilities

2J Antennas production plant employs skilled staff to produce high-quality antennas delivered worldwide.

To rapidly respond to markets and customers’ needs and carry out the antenna production process from start to finish, 2J Antennas utilizes:

Plastic Injection, Overmolding and Ultrasonic Welding

The company’s plastic injection molding machines run continuously and use only top-grade materials. This ensures that products meet high-quality standards and are delivered on time. In addition, it gives 2J Antennas the flexibility to make overmolded antennas or custom color antenna enclosures.

SMT Pick and Place Lines

2J Antennas uses component placement systems for high-speed, high-capacity and high-precision placement of various electronic components (i.e., surface-mount devices) on a printed circuit board (PCB). This allows flexibility in PCB assembly production.

Cable Processing

The company provides innovative solutions for cable and wire processing. It uses fully automatic wire processing machines for:

  • Cutting
  • Stripping
  • Crimping
  • Tinning
  • Twisting
  • Cable printing


2J Antennas has parts in stock, allowing them to produce all antennas for every order. Its warehouse is organized to support rapid production and flexibility for off-the-shelf antenna customization with no delivery delays. These customizations include:

  • Cable type
  • Cable length
  • Connector type
  • Antenna color

Certification Guidance

2J Antennas offers full wireless device precertification testing with its antennas to ensure compliance with the PTCRB certification program. The testing includes:

  • OTA
  • TRP
  • TIS
  • RSE
  • Cellular device power and sensitivity

Obtaining PTCRB certification for a mobile device ensures compliance with cellular network standards. Without certification, device manufacturers can’t operate with North American cellular carriers.

In addition, the company offers specific absorption rate (SAR) testing. SAR testing ensures a device near a human body under normal working conditions remains within the advised permissible exposure.

Their CTIA-certified 3D antenna measurement systems ensure that devices meet the OTA requirements for network carriers and PTCRB certification.

Partner Showcase

2J Antenna 2J4H86PCFf (9-in-1 Antenna)

2J4H86PCFf (9-in-1 Antenna)

Sleekest 9-in-1 Antenna Design on the Market, Accelerating 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6E Performance

The super-low profile 9-in-1 adhesive mount antenna is designed for 4 x 5G New Radio (NR), 4 x 2.4/5.0/6.0 Wi-Fi 6E and GNSS bands that operate within 617 MHz-7125 MHz frequencies. This high-performance antenna offers superior connectivity, accuracy and reliability for ultrawide-band MIMO, wireless and navigation.

It allows devices to remain online while moving through different coverage areas. These features make it a leading antenna solution for next-generation mobile services across verticals, including:

  • Public safety
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Consumer and commercial industries

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2J Antennas 2J6B86BCFf (9-in-1 Antenna)

2J6B86BCFf (9-in-1 Antenna)

9-in-1 Combination of Performance, Durability and Reliability Designed for Critical Communications

The lightweight 9-in-1 screw mount antenna is designed for accelerated 4 x 5G NR, 4 x Wi-Fi 6E 2.4/5.0/6.0 and GNSS bands that operate within 617 MHz–7125 MHz frequencies. It is designed for multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) and mobile terminal applications with excellent envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) and no performance null.

This antenna is the top choice for next-generation mobile services for verticals in which performance and reliability are critical, such as:

  • Law enforcement
  • Medical and public transportation
  • Automotive
  • Industrial automation

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2J Antennas 2JW0183z-C868B (5G NR Antenna)

2JW0183z-C868B (5G NR Antenna)

Global Coverage with High Performance in an Innovative Design

This versatile 5G NR SMA-M connector mount antenna combines high performance with full bandwidth coverage for cellular spectrums, including 5G NR, 4G LTE and 3G/2G/CDMA cellular spectrums (617-5925 MHz).

Available in black or white, the innovative hinged swivel design allows the antenna to be positioned at a straight, right or 45-degree angle. It can be rotated to the direction with the most signal strength and reduce interference with other antennas nearby.

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2J Antennas 2JE71 (5G NR Antenna)

2JE71 (5G NR Antenna)

Ultracompact 5G NR High-Performance Surface Mount Fiberglass Antenna

This ultracompact 5G NR off-the-shelf surface mount fiberglass antenna combines high efficiency, reliability and low device power consumption. It’s ideal for IoT and M2M low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies.

The 2JE71 is designed with omnidirectional coverage and optimized for 360-degree signal strength while maintaining stable gains and efficiency across all bands. In addition, the new 5G NR technology enhances mobile broadband and ultrareliable low-latency communications (URLLC).

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