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About Syntax

Syntax is a worldwide IT service provider and leading managed cloud provider for critical enterprise applications. The company specializes in IT for manufacturing and other sectors. 

To ensure customers’ business-critical cloud applications are future-proof and perform reliably at all times, Syntax offers:

  • Technology solutions
  • Professional services 
  • Comprehensive consulting services 
  • Application management services


One Source for IIoT Services and Solutions

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Setting up an industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environment is a multistage process that covers various areas. Syntax enables customers to maximize IIoT benefits. The company leverages over 50 years of industry experience to support customers with expertise and service:

  • Integration of Manufacturing Plants and Systems
    Syntax’s digitalization professionals combine technical and industry expertise, whether retrofitting or implementing a fast data connection via standard interfaces.
  • Turning Manufacturing Data into Useful Insights
    Our specialists leverage relevant data points to create algorithm-based analyses for a detailed picture of production processes. This provides a real-time overview of all system information statuses.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Quality
    Syntax designs IIoT systems that collect data and provide organizations with accurate predictions, enabling timely maintenance and increased production quality.
  • Remote Maintenance and Monitoring
    Regardless of distance, the company’s IIoT solutions enable necessary measures based on permanent information flow provided by connected machines.

IIoT Solutions Designed by Syntax

Two engineers in high-visibility vests discuss 3D machine part models on a computer screen in an industrial setting.

Synsights Software as a Service (SaaS)

Synsights is a software as a service (SaaS) offering. It allows companies to combine, monitor and manage machine data from different sources on one IIoT platform. 

The solution uses digital twins of machines and components, mirroring the entire asset hierarchy of an ERP system. This makes it easy to retrieve relevant details, including: 

  • The date of production 
  • The operation site
  • In-depth information and other documents (e.g., images, drawings, maintenance instructions)

Application areas include:

  • Digital Factory
    Enterprises can use Synsights to keep a centralized overview of their machinery and equipment. It ensures optimized production processes and high profitability.
  • New Business and Revenue Models
    Machinery manufacturers can grant customers access to the IIoT platform. Moreover, they can offer new services (e.g., operating and service data) as an additional source of revenue or for greater customer loyalty.
  • Closed-Loop Scenarios
    Insights generated by Synsights can be integrated into existing SAP business processes. For example, if Synsights detects an imminent defect, a request is automatically created in SAP with the corresponding error image.
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Syntain Mobile Maintenance

The Syntain mobile maintenance app enables fast, uncomplicated communication and coordination between the user, machine and backend. However, Syntain is more than maintenance software. It offers a range of functions and services that can be accessed and controlled via mobile devices. In addition, it facilitates the maintenance of production-relevant machines and other assets based on corresponding solutions.

Functions include:

  • Maintenance Messages
    Users can notify relevant stakeholders (e.g., maintenance personnel) about wear or damage via the app. After the repairs, Syntain allows the notifications to be marked as completed.
  • Maintenance Orders
    Syntain enables organizations to create maintenance orders quickly. They can minimize average downtime (i.e., mean time to repair) and increase the average runtime between repairs (i.e., mean time between failures).
  • Planned Maintenance
    Comprehensive integration into the Microsoft ecosystem enables users to communicate planned preventive or predictive measures easily.
  • Spare Parts Management
    Syntain shows which spare parts are required and whether they are available in the warehouse. It lays the foundation for more efficient planning and maintenance work at the best time.

Driving Sustainability by Connecting Heterogeneous Equipment Worldwide

deviceWISE® Interprets Machine Languages

Klöckner Pentaplast is a global manufacturer of plastics, foils and packaging. For over twenty years, the company has collected quality, raw material and energy consumption data.

The challenge with leveraging this data was that each machine and plant stored its data in an individual local data silo. Manufacturing process problems could be traced using the data but only offline and with a lot of effort. Klöckner Pentaplast sought to consolidate the data pools into a unified information base and enable real-time data utilization.

Syntax achieved this goal using deviceWISE, powered by Telit Cinterion, as an “interpreter” between several machine languages. This harmonization made it possible to combine and visualize data.

The unified information base laid the foundation for leveraging public cloud-based analytics solutions. Using IoT and machine learning microservices in AWS Cloud, Klöckner Pentaplast optimized its value chain, reducing waste and driving sustainability.

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