Antenna Solutions

KYOCERA AVX is a leading supplier of active and passive antenna solutions for applications that include:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Wearables

They have prototyping and design facilities in the United States, France, South Korea, Taiwan and China and manufacturing sites in South Korea, Vietnam and China. KYOCERA AVX antennas offer competitive advantages in the market by providing:

  • Faster connections with more Mbps
  • Spectral efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Performance in terms of range and coverage

KYOCERA AVX has been supporting Telit customers for many years optimizing device connectivity performance. Telit customer’s experience faster go-to-market times as a result of the KYCERA AVX and Telit partnership by:

  • Customizing antennas for their devices with Telit modules
  • Supporting standard antenna implementation from the project’s early stage
  • Precertification testing for validation

Custom and Standard Antennas for Maximum Performance

KYOCERA AVX is an industry-leading, innovative antenna solution supplier. They supply over one million units per day and cover all major frequency bands and applications. KYOCERA AVX antennas utilize an array of technologies, including:

  • LDS
  • Stamped metal
  • Ceramic
  • PCB
  • FPC
  • Multi-layer FPC

KAVX leverages these antenna technologies to support various custom and standard configurations and types (e.g., external indoor and outdoor, embedded on/off-board, etc.).

KYOCERA AVX offers customers worldwide manufacturing capabilities and several differentiated innovations such as:

  • Unique tuning pads for optimized performance
  • Full band-switching solutions for the smallest devices
  • State-of-the-art global design centers supporting customers from concept to mass production, including design review, matching optimization or TRP/TIS testing for precertification

Integrating an antenna is not trivial. KYOCERA AVX recommends several best practices to ensure wireless connectivity needs are met.

Check the Quick Reference Sheet for more information.

Partner Showcase

Kyocera LTE - AVX.


Passive FR4 LTE/LPWAN antenna

The LTE antenna is designed to support CAT-M and Narrowband-IoT applications. This antenna is the perfect solution CAT-M and NB-IoT enabled devices, offering high efficiency and peak gain in a miniature form factor, and with a reduced ground plane size requirement.

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A green board with a small antenna attached, perfect for KYOCERA AVX products.

1004795 + EC646

Band switching solution: LTE antenna + switch

The evaluation board has a small size of 45.5 x 60 mm, which allows engineers test the antenna performance on a typical size of IoT devices, reducing the number of iterations and improving the accuracy. The EVB uses the standard FR4 embedded LTE antenna 1004795 together with the chip set EC646 for band switching or aperture tuning.

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A blue KYOCERA box with the word m38020 on it.


GNSS or L1/L2/L5/L6 ceramic chip antenna

With a smaller and thinner size on the PCB, the ceramic Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) M830120 antenna makes an ideal multiband GNSS antenna solution for compact high precision navigation or asset tracking devices where board space is at a premium.

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A black and white antenna with the name KYOCERA on it.


FPC + cable 5G/4G/LPWAN antenna

Based on a flexible substrate for easier integration, the 1005460F0 is designed to perform efficiently for long cable lengths, when the antenna is far from the ground plane. In addition, 1005460F0 is offered in multiple standard cable lengths ranging from 100 mm to 300 mm.

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