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End-to-End IoT Solutions

GateTel is a global engineering and manufacturing company founded in 2002. It provides cellular devices and complete end-to-end IoT solutions to help customers bring their products to market fast.

GateTel’s capabilities include:

  • Helping customers define their requirements and objectives
  • Finding the best-match and cost-effective products that meet customer’s requirements
  • Fulfilling and delivering customer orders in a timely manner
  • Taking projects from hardware and software design through production, delivery and support

Sharing a Long History

An aerial view of a city with a sophisticated network of GateTel connections.

GateTel and Telit have a 20-year history, with many devices based on Telit modules, connectivity and Telit OneEdge™.

GateTel’s new line of devices use Telit’s global modules, for example:

  • EZMK: A stand-alone battery-operated monitoring device that uses Telit’s ME310G1-WW
  • GT Series: A complete solution for AWL, telemetry, control and metering applications uses the LE910C1-WWX

Partner Showcase

The GateTel GPS module on a white background.


A portable, small-factor cellular modem board that is easy to embed into a custom board.

Main features:

  • 29 mm x 29 mm
  • RS232 or TTL and USB communication​
  • GPS optional
  • UFL connectors
  • AppZone C IDE

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A GateTel electronic module with a battery attached.


A stand-alone LTE Cat M battery solution for applications that include flood monitoring and alerting systems and temperature monitoring.

Main features:

  • 19 Ah battery
  • 4-20 Ma 10-bit analog input
  • 0-5 V analog input
  • 5-24 V dc output for 4-20 mA sensors
  • Integrated microprocessor

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