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Alif Semiconductor was founded to address the rapidly growing market need for power-efficient AI-enabled 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors. Their Ensemble family of microcontrollers and fusion processors was created to enable seamless technology integration for everyday life by unlocking:

  • Accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) edge processing
  • Innovative low-power techniques
  • High security
  • Unparalleled functional integration
  • Operating system diversity

Alif Semiconductor partnered with Telit Cinterion to deliver best-in-class wireless connectivity with the Ensemble devices in reference designs and demos. The AI/ML AppKit from Alif allows developers to rapidly evaluate AI and ML model efficiency  on the microNPU cores integrated into the Ensemble microcontrollers. It features the WE310F5 combination Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy module for wireless connectivity.

Partner Showcase

Alif Ensemble Chip with Pencil to Show Size.

Alif Ensemble

Smart, Secure Microcontrollers and Fusion Processors enabled by Edge AI

The next-generation Ensemble family of 32-bit AI/ML microcontrollers and fusion processors. Alif Ensemble is the only choice for power-efficient microcontrollers that can handle heavy AI and ML workloads without draining a device’s battery.

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Alif Ensemble AppKit with Face Dectection

AK-E7-AIML (Alif Ensemble AI/ML AppKit)

Evaluation Platform for AI and ML Models with Wireless Connectivity

Developers can swiftly assess the efficiency of AI and ML models on the microNPU cores integrated into Ensemble microcontrollers using the AppKit. This kit incorporates the Telit Cinterion WE310F5, a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy module, ensuring seamless wireless connectivity.

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