DAOS Group

Innovative Electronic Solutions

DAOS Srl was launched after the merger between Eureka and Akerue. For the last 20 years, these two companies have been working within the electronic design and software development markets. DAOS Srl is a majority shareholder in an electronic production company called Fusel. Fusel enables DAOS to support customers from research and development to the production and logistics of the product launch. The group of companies has a total turnover of over 10 million euros and almost 100 employees.

DAOS’s offerings include:

  • R&D services
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • PCB design and production
  • Firmware and software development
  • Mechanical design
  • Prototyping
  • Cloud development
  • Testing
  • Pre-compliance test
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Components purchase
  • Logistics

While proposing a complete array of services, DAOS believes in transferring information and knowledge to customers, who become the owners of even partially worked products. The company’s expertise spans all electronics and information technology sectors, including:

  • Engineering
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing

Partner Showcase

A DAOS customer product: Seremy lifesaving medical wearable for older adults.


Smart Lifesaving Bracelet for Older People

The Seremy lifesaving bracelet is entirely autonomous and does not require an internet connection or telephone. The device checks for irregularities in heart rate, sleep quality and physical activity levels. As a user-friendly, noninvasive wearable for older adults, Seremy is the most powerful smart health care bracelet on the market.

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A DAOS customer product: Kippy EVO third-generation pet tracking collar.

Kippy EVO

Third-Generation Kippy Pet Tracking Collar

Kippy is the first pet tracking device to combine GPS with activity monitoring. The Wi-Fi SSID information is collected with an accurate GPS fix to determine the device’s position. The GPS time to first position fix is augmented with a server-generated ephemeris, transferred to the device’s CPU using a GPRS connection.

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A DAOS customer product: RGF Diagnostics' Mymemo modular pill dispenser.


Modular Automatic IoT Pill Dispenser

RGF Diagnostics’ Mymemo is a pill reminder that solves drug-related problems and poor adherence to long-term therapy. It is also a hub for home care solutions and patient monitoring. Mymemo receives instructions from a cloud system and delivers the prescribed treatments using a vacuum pick-up system. This modular dispenser works with up to four different pills or capsules.

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A DAOS customer product: MetaSail boat tracking device for regatta sailing.


Regatta Dedicated Tracking Device

MetaSail is a boat tracking solution that’s ideal for regatta sailing. According to the regatta settings, data is transmitted to the cloud using machine-to-machine cellular LTE connectivity with 2G fallback. MEMS sensors enhance the device and provide data on the boat. The regatta data is available in real time on a modern web portal and shows participating boats, routes and other data.

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