Consult Red


Experts in Smart Product Design and Development

Founded in 2003, Consult Red is an employee-owned technology innovation partner. The company works with many leading telco, media and connectivity brands and supports them throughout the development journey. Based in the U.K., U.S. and Poland, their 300-strong engineering team are experts in smart product design and development with proven IoT experience in:

  • Embedded hardware and software. Many IoT solutions rely on connected devices constrained by processing power or memory footprint.
  • Cloud platforms. Cloud services are integral for customers looking to develop and bring smart, IoT-connected products and services to market.
  • Robust connectivity. Developing devices to operate in harsh environments or remote locations can present challenges with reliable connectivity.


Consult Red’s connected devices and systems are in over 30 million homes worldwide. It works with many global brands, including:

  • Liberty Global
  • Sky
  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • ST
  • Qualcomm


Partnering enables the delivery of high-quality IoT solutions in several verticals:


Consult Red’s engineering IoT design expertise includes:

  • Wired and wireless connectivity (GSM, LTE, cellular LPWA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Low Energy, etc.)
  • Implementation of communication protocols (Lightweight M2M, MQTT)
  • Data ingestion and cloud processing (batch and real time)
  • Networking domains across all layers, from hardware to the cloud


Consult Red’s experts work with our products and build secure, reliable IoT devices that are constrained (no OS, RTOS) and non-constrained (Linux, Android) for various use cases.

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