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Product Developement: From Imagination to Reality

Founded in 2003 by an experienced team of wireless engineers, Device Solutions specializes in embedded hardware, firmware and antenna development services. Device Solutions guides customers through regulatory and carrier certifications and approvals. In 2022, they expanded their antenna development and RF engineering skills through a merger with Raptor Wireless Labs. Leveraging its broad network of partners, Device Solutions provides a full suite of design services from inception to factory launch.

From turnkey product development services to complementing your team to fill gaps, Device Solutions increases expertise and decreases time to market. The company partners with its clients to understand challenges and to identify efficient and innovative solutions. Device Solutions has delivered products in markets ranging from consumer products to industrial systems to medical devices for customers throughout the U.S, Europe, and Australia.

Long Established Relationship

Located in the rapidly growing central North Carolina area, adjacent to the Research Triangle Park, Device Solutions has collaborated extensively with Telit since our first North Carolina office was opened. They have maintained relationships with many of our team members over the last two decades.

Thanks to Device Solutions’ vast experience and our long-established relationship, we efficiently collaborate with support staff to resolve issues and to avoid problems. Device Solutions has also integrated our modules into various products, including:

  • Cellio
  • An ambulatory ECG (3G and 4G)
  • A European transformer monitoring system
  • Various asset trackers
  • A heart pump controller

Partner Showcase

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Adaptable, End-to-End IoT Solution for Monitoring Agricultural and Industrial Materials

Cellio is a distributed system utilizing battery-operated transceivers to interface with various sensors. It relays data via a proprietary LoRa radio to a cellular gateway for monitoring gases, agricultural feed, food coolers and controlling fountains.

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Proprietary Non-Contact Solution for Monitoring Utility Transformers

In partnership with its European customers, Device Solutions has rapidly iterated through numerous technical solutions and business models to create this unique solution. DataBlizzard monitors components in the electrical grid, identifies anomalies through edge processing and uses the LE910 module series.

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