450 MHz Alliance


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Representing 450 MHz Spectrum Stakeholders

The 450 MHz Alliance is an industry association that represents the interests of stakeholders in 3GPP compliant technologies in the frequency range of 380 – 470 MHz which address use cases critical to society.

Our members include wireless industry companies such as spectrum license holders, carriers and leading equipment manufacturers, as well as companies representing various vertical markets for business and mission critical communications.

The Alliance aims at spectrum harmonization within each of the 3 ITU regions, the further development of standards in the 400 MHz band and the creation of a mature ecosystem for all standardized frequency bands.

450 MHz Alliance’s roots go back to the CDMA era. The CDMA Development Group (CDG) hosted the 450 MHz Special Interest Group until 2014. Then, the group decided to become a stand-alone organization.

The alliance has grown into an industry-recognized body for the 380 – 470 MHz spectrum and its applications for:

  1. Mission- and business-critical communication
  2. Transportation and other IoT verticals

The 450 MHz Alliance’s goals and objectives position it as a central point of the 380 – 470 MHz ecosystem. The alliance is staffed by industry veterans with vast expertise, able to assist and guide members.

As a member, our company is part of a broad network in the 380 – 470 MHz ecosystem. Stakeholders enable collaboration and first-hand knowledge of what happens in the industry.

The 450MHz Alliance hosts regular events for its members and guests. We have participated in many of their events and found them great for information exchange, updates and networking.

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