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TxWireless can design your custom wireless devices.A TxWireless machine working on a circuit board.

For over eight years, specialists in the health care, transportation and industrial sectors have turned to TxWireless to develop their connected devices quickly and cost-effectively. TxWireless is a trusted engineering partner that can support you through all project stages, including:

  • Initial concept definition
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Deployment
  • Full life cycle solution management

The company offers a comprehensive product building block suite, ranging from component-level solutions to complete devices. These enable our customers to deliver their product portfolio on time and within budget.

TxWireless’s experienced engineering team offers rapid prototyping and product design to aid seamless integration into your product. This alleviates costly and time-consuming engineering, freeing our customers to focus on developing market-differentiating capabilities.

TxWireless accelerates product development with pre-engineered platforms using Telit Cinterion’s technology to reduce production time and lower costs.

Markets served:

Connected Device Development

Connected devices development journey diagram.TxWireless helps customers navigate their connected device development journey. Whether designing a new product or enhancing an existing product with connectivity, TxWireless has the expert capabilities to accelerate our clients’ time to market. 

Leveraging years of expertise, its team follows a carefully defined process, ensuring a smooth and efficient navigation through the development journey. TxWireless’s experienced and innovative engineering experts mitigate risks in client deliveries with their wealth of skills, including:

This structured approach fosters clear communication and collaboration. In addition, it allows the team to proactively identify and address issues or risks that may arise during the project’s life cycle. TxWireless’ goal is to deliver projects on time, within budget and to specifications, ensuring customer satisfaction and overall project success.

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Muiris Flynn

CTO, Glen Dimplex Group

“TxWireless is extremely flexible.  The company really accelerated the development of our connected solutions.  It is continuously innovating and investing in technology while focusing on practical, cost-effective solutions. TxWireless is a strong partner for anyone looking to scale up their IoT connected products.”

Partner Showcase

The TxWireless edge module is shown on a white background.

IG20 Industrial Gateway

Multisensor Gateway with Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Technology and GNSS Connectivity

The TxWireless EDGE™ Industrial Gateway (IG20) is an industrial multisensor gateway with cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology and GNSS connectivity.

The IG20 handles various serial communication protocols, including RS485, CAN bus and RS232. Six GPIOs are available to offer our customers the ultimate degree of flexibility and scalability with their IoT ambitions.

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An image of a TxWireless micro-sd card on a white background.

EMU15 System-On-Module

Compact Multiradio SOM with Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology in a Small Form Factor

The TxWireless EDGE™ Multi EMU15 is a compact multiradio SOM with various cellular, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy technology options in a small form factor. It comes with an advanced onboard analytics engine and features:

  • Dual-core 32-bit processor
  • Optimized firmware/OS RTOS
  • Validated applications libraries (real-time performance)

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