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Design and Software Development

Established in 2004, Promwad, an electronics design house, specializes in crafting software and pioneering devices for the worldwide technology market. The company excels in guiding a client’s product journey from initial concept to large-scale production. Its team of engineers seamlessly integrates into its clients’ teams, bridging gaps in resources or expertise across diverse sectors, including:

  • Automotive
  • IoT
  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunications

Promwad operates as a design center, implementing a mutually beneficial strategy for clients. This approach ensures exclusive access to cutting-edge technology and priority technical support, delivering innovative designs on a large scale with top-notch components. Promwad seamlessly incorporates Telit Cinterion modules and technologies into various projects. The company specifically focuses on the DACH region and other European Union countries.

Partner Showcase

The interior of a car with an ipad on the dashboard.

Automotive Multimedia System

Bluetooth® Technology Phone App, Music, Video, Cameras, Navigation

The project is a versatile phone application leveraging Bluetooth wireless technology for up to seven devices. It features:

  • Multifunctional music player, video player and radio
  • Front and rear camera applications and IP camera functionality
  • Navigation and custom applications

The system also includes settings for external amplifier configuration and appearance customization. It also enables CarPlay and Android Auto mirroring.

Integrated with a Telit Cinterion module, the project adheres to A-Spice compliance. This involves comprehensive hardware and software development, testing and ongoing production support.

Driver interacting with a futuristic car's head-up display interface.

Digital Video Recorder

Advances Urban Infrastructure with Innovative Data-Collecting Device

With its engineering support, Promwad helped its client transition from prototype to mass production. The client could focus on visual design, marketing and strategic partnerships. The device enhances urban infrastructure by mapping hazards and cyclist activity with features like:

  • Ambarella H22 CPU
  • Laser detectors
  • IMX327 image sensor

The collected data, anonymized under European legislation, offers various product promotion and improvement possibilities.

A green circuit board with a number of electronic components.

Fleet Tracking Device

Anti-theft, Geofencing, Speed Monitoring and Hidden Installation

The device tracks and safeguards fleet vehicles against theft or damage. It installs discreetly and offers:

  • Geofencing, tracking and diagnostics
  • Aggressive driving and speed monitoring
  • Extreme event detection
  • Ignition control and anti-turn-on protection
  • Night mode

Powered by a Telit Cinterion module, it integrates Bluetooth technology and various sensors. This solution is ideal for enhancing fleet security and monitoring driving behaviors. In addition, the device ensures comprehensive coverage with advanced functionalities while maintaining a discreet profile.

A computer, tablet, and phone with a map on it.

Medical Container Tracking

Upgraded Medical Cargo Tracker with Improved Features

This enhanced medical cargo tracker features

  • Upgraded board
  • Firmware
  • Server communication

It was developed to track and maintain the microclimate of valuable medical cargo. The container utilizes an STM32F1xx CPU, Telit Cinterion module and RTOS.

Promwad engineers ensured error elimination, emergency response setup and efficient operation modes. The customer is testing the devices in transportation scenarios for optimal performance assessment during field trials to support the production of 100 prototypes.

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